Friday, August 18, 2006

Can it get any worse??

Oh man, I'm bad. I may need to get one of the children I work with to help me with this blogging melarkey. The boy in question is nine years old. Two frantic emails sent off and I still can't remember how to create a new post.

Which leads me to wonder - I used to known as quite bright. Do we REALLY lose brain cells as we get older? Am I going downhill even though I am only in my thirties? Why do children remember the tiniest thing you only mentioned in passing three weeks ago and then bring it back to you just when you thought they had forgotten?

Are there any tiny fragments of information that you remember from when you were very, very small? What was it and how wee were you?

I remember my mum crying when I was three. She had fallen off a potting table (don't ask)
The memory of my mum sobbing in pain from a deep cut has lasted with me all these years.


  1. I do remember being at your house for a meeting, rhubarb, and you were supposed to be at not one, but two other meetings at the same time - nice one!!

    For me, its managing to remember to put dates/events on the calendar that's hard........

  2. I'm not too bad at putting things in the diary, but it's the remembering to read the thing that get's me!


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