Thursday, February 24, 2011

Children's Pastor v Family Pastor

This is a very interesting read, although again please note the North American context which over and over again I find myself saying does not allow for complete transference across here. Britain is still, on the whole, a nation with one or a few employees per church, not a whole stack of specialisms.

I've been following a bit of a conversation on some US blogs - some churches have children's pastors and some churches have family pastors.

Over here churches tend to have youth workers, children's workers, community workers, children and family workers and (less often) Children's Pastors and (even more rare) what I am, a Children and Family Pastor. Youth and Children's Minister is quite common, with responsibility for those aged 0-18....

Rarer still, I play my part within the context of a team who share many tasks of pastoral care, service planning and vision casting to our volunteers following the elders' lead. I also teach and lead services.

How would you see this kind of role in your church? Does the job title really matter?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Holiday Clubs REALLY do work.....

Fun activities that tell kids more about Jesus really do have an impact on children, the Barna group has found. Fun missions activities for children can have a significant spiritual impact on those who attend, a survey by the Barna group has shown. The US group surveyed thousands of children who attended 'SuperKids', one and two week outreach missions run by Scripture Union USA during the summer of 2010.

It found that as a result of the programme, 85% of the children who took part felt more loved by God and that over 80% said they learned new things about God and Jesus. More than 30,000 largely at-risk children took part each day in some 90 Superkids outreach missions held in major urban centres and beach resorts across the States.

Sources: children matter and the Barna Organisation (a.k.a. my very favourite researchers)

I think we can conclude that God loves holiday clubs Be blessed as you plan them, even now as you read this!