Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Which LOTR character am I most like?

You scored as Frodo Baggins,

Frodo Baggins


Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry)


Gandalf the Grey




Peregrin Took (Pippin)




Arwen of Rivendell


Samwise Gamgee








Eowyn of Rohan


Saruman the White




Which Lord of the Rings character are you most like?
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Thanks to Graham for this.
Hmmm, I wonder if most of us will come out as Frodo or Merry?!?

PS my preview shows the results have posted far too far over to the right but I don't know how to edit the html code......

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to School Sunday

Tomorrow I've organised a "Back to School" Sunday service, courtesy of the initiative set up by these guys, for whom I have the utmost respect. They are an organisation I want to do all that I can to promote, honour, encourage and participate in, partly because of the importance of the work that they do in schools and have done for years and years and partly because I feel that the non-denominational side of what they do is vital. It's one charity so many of us support no matter what kind of church we come from.

I want to encourage anyone reading this to pray for their local school. Brodie is going to speak tomorrow on one of my defining passages for what I do in my job, Acts 17,
about Paul being "in the mix" - at the heart of the hill of learning, allowing himself to be distressed by what he saw of the day.

Many of us have blogged about some of the tragedies on the news this summer; of young boys being shot and stabbed in this nation; and we need people - dare I say it - CHILDREN - yes, young ones too!! - who will chatter and talk of Jesus unashamedly in their schools - he healed me, he heard me, he took my fear away, he makes me feel good inside (oooh talking about feelings - is that OK? of course it is! How can we expect affiliative faith (HT to Westerhoff) to survive without feelings?!? -

I guess what I am saying is that when I train or teach children or children's team members I want them not just to "get by" as Christians; but to learn apologetic skills, to learn the tricks of warfare; to on the attack (spiritually speaking) and not always on the defence.

I'm going off on a rant here.
Quick advert - I'm holding a training day on 1st Sept for parents/grandparents/anyone working with kids or thinking of doing so in the future. It's open to all. Email me or leave a note in the comments box for further info.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Now I've.....

..........joined Bebo. Oooh sucked in, fished in, I am.

Wonder if John will also be there!?! :-)(we said hello on Facebook. John knows half the world :::smile::::)

I am not going to manage to keep up with these social networks. Apparently I have been sent a map, a flower, a drawing and some grafitti on a wall by friends, but I can just manage to check my emails and glance at a few blogs!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How time flies.....

I can't believe I last posted here on the 5th of August.

Since then, I have finished the holiday club, hosted a packed out parents BBQ, enjoyed the celebratory and age old custom of The Holiday Club Service, complete with stuff and nonsense, helped in no small fashion over the week by this man and this man and countless others, been on holiday here for two days, then flew here (and back 24 hours later) to catch this man in concert.

It was truly awesome :::::sigh:::::: Highlights were the crowd of thousands singing his version of Amazing Grace unaccompanied and the standout "Indescribable". Plus meeting up with good friends for a wee drinkie and late night pizza and a most eventful trip with an exceedingly crazy taxi driver.

Then later that same day I took my son to school for the very first time. (Child no 1 sailed in an hour earlier without a backward glance, giving and receiving hugs from her friends!) I had a wee tear in my eye; he gripped my hand very tightly as we entered the classroom but settled with no bother at all as I left him with the other children and his new teacher.

Starting school is indeed a rite of passage. Not just for parents and carers who feel a little emotional but for me as a Christian it represents a "handing over" of a lot of influence on my child to other people. In some ways age 5 seems a very young age to do that but we must remember that we still have masses of time to input into our child; to impart our vision and values.

Our children begin more and more to make their own choices. Will I eat my sandwich or bin it? Will I play with him or her? Will I do what the teacher says or question it? This is an important time and I urge those with children at school to continue to pray for your child regularly; to do this with authority and urgency, not living in fear of the "what ifs" but to pray for their safekeeping and most importantly for the development of character and calling. I want my children to be strong and secure in who they are, not apologetic about their faith, but radical, different, eyes open for the unloved or unfortunate, tuned in to sense need, resistant to apathy and consumerism. And take heart dear friend! - it is possible - I already see a remarakable lack of "wanting" certain toys/items with my daughter. I know this may change, but I have tried to set in place the values which I want her to have - which I PRAY with faith that she will have.

I have heard of those who become very anxious about sending their child to what they may call the "enemy environment and oppression" of school - errrr, welcome to the world! We were never promised it would be easy. I'm a bit blase about this as I have obviously been on the inside of school and am in a position to celebrate the goodness in schools - strong friendships are built there, esteem is raised, a sense of teamwork is fostered....just for starters. WE HAVE THE MOST INFLUENCE though - this must always be remembered. What goes on at home is far, far more important than anything else. And this is scientifically proven - as teachers we have long since known this anecdotally but there is now a wealth of academic research on the web to back this up.
See, for example - http://www.specialistschools.org.uk/article.aspa?PageId=1320
or this from the Literacy Trust -

Sermon over!
What are your views on Christian schools? Or homeschooling?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Going very quiet........

......my internet connection at home has died. More specifically, my BT Voyager modem is not playing any more. Says its disconnected all the time when the wee lights are clearly ON and somebody is IN.

So I am sitting here in my office typing this. Pah. (Had things to pick up for the holiday club anyway). Or could I have deleted an .exe file when I was tidying up my desktop?? ::::::bites lip::::::

Also, I will mostly be offline this week as I have great fun Down the Nile with 130 children in a hypothetical Egypt. Can't wait - the band sound great, the drama team are splitting my sides, the messy games are..........messy..........and the team are great.

All sorts of folks are stepping in to help with all kinds of behind the scenes things, which I love. The army mobilises!