Friday, November 23, 2007


The title of this post refers to the heavy duty convo taking place at mummy central today (i.e. Costa) fewer than a dozen friendly parents for the quick half hour post-9am school drop off.

Head lice are rampant throughout various classes (doncha just feel the need to scratch as you read this?) and some of my friends themselves have caught nits. Great thing is that there is no shame - lice prefer clean heads anyway - and there is a kind of solidarity in being on egg-observation duty as mothers together.

You can see why I don't take this conversation into my work.........

Got a phone call yesterday from my old place of work, a school I worked in for 7 years, to come back in for a day to teach and they have actually asked me well in advance so I am looking forward to that. Its after my OT exam. It will be good to see my colleagues again who shaped me so much from 1994 onwards. They saw my ups and downs; my successes and achievements with groups of kids and the failures too; ::::::buries head in hands with shame::::: Mistakes - I made some crackers!

The most important thing after making a boob of something, I think, is to reflect and learn from it. Placement or practice debriefs usually ask you to answer the following question: "what would you do differently next time?"

I've tried to do this each year with major events like holiday club, where loads of people had the opportunity to be in a team I led (I ask them to shape the changes I should make each subsequent year); I have had the chance to ask this after the Families on Fire conference and I've had the opportunity to do this too very recently about a personal matter (even though, in my flesh, I wanted to stamp my feet and scream at the same time).

I've to undertake a MAJOR piece of practice work where I must also research, conduct interviews and then ask "what would you do differently?" - guess I'm not allowed to say: not do the BA Th. degree?!?!?

I hope I've got a teachable spirit. I expect it from others I manage or oversee so I'd better have one myself!

Time for you lurkers to contribute in the comments:
From recent years, thinking about the kind of things you are involved in, what would you do differently, if you had the opportunity to do so?


  1. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Well, I wouldn't have freaked out so much the couple of times my kids (who live round the corner from you - so you know who I am) got headlice. I went overboard the first time it happened!

    THis from the person who got scabies while at Jordanhill (thankYOU, Cathkin High!)

  2. Hi Lynn,

    I'm one of the lurkers who frequents your blog with comment so I thought I'd do my duty! I'm currently studying primary teaching and after three placements I've certainly got in to the habit of asking what I would do differently next time. The answer is usually 'better preparation!' I'm leaving teaching to go in to Children's ministry where no doubt I will also ask myself that question every other day! I enjoy your blogs - lots of honestly and definite signs of a teachable spirit. Keep posting, keep learning. =)


  3. *meant to say 'without comment' - you will probably notice from comments on Stuart's blog that I don't spellcheck!


  4. Welcome Amie and thanks for your kind comments. I presume you are applying do the BA Theo in Children's Min up here?

    If so, keep in touch as after 5 painful years of the most extreme part-timeness, I will graduate with that qualification and may overlap with you for a short time.

    I'm not a natural student (probably because I've got a degree and two post grads certs anyway, I had had enough!!!) BUT I was reassured by the guest preacher today who spoke about biblical wisdom and knowledge not coming from having Bible college degrees and qualification, helpful though they are, but from knowing the heart of God for individuals and situations.

  5. Hi there, I am indeed hoping to do BA Theo in Chid'n Min, full time at ICC.(Haven't sent the forms in yet but I've been to see Vicki and I'll send them over Christmas!) The teaching course (although I won't be doing honours) has been an invaluable contribution to my learning so far in terms of children, how they think, how they respond and how I should plan for and respond to this. Along side this I'm always reflecting on my current involvement in Children's ministry and what I'm lerning for my current experiences.

    Like yourself I don't see myself as a natural student but I have discovered that I love thinking, learning, reflecting and on occasion, writing about it! I do hope we meet at some point - I feel we'd have a lot to talk about =)

  6. There's so many things I wish I'd done differently in life, like being a more laid back parent & worrying less about what other people might think. Most things would have fallen into place if I'd known then what I know now about God's love & the Holy Spirit's enabling. That leads me to wish I'd found a Christian community where these things were taught & modelled, 20 years ago instead of 4 years ago.
    However, I'm there now & God is restoring some of the stuff eaten by locusts. I'm also very grateful my children are receiving what I missed out on (mostly thanks to you, Lynn).
    Now, I even take head lice in my stride! My advice: don't faff about with chemicals, get a nitty gritty comb (expensive, but worth it)

  7. Guaca and Amie
    thanks again for your comments.
    I'm always up for a meet up, a gab and a coffee!

    Guaca - you do a pretty fab job of parenting as you and Mr Guaca apply all you receive - so well done you!

    (well, tea or hot choc; don't drink coffee)


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