Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Money money money

My kids are away to grandma's for the day and my husband and I had our bi-annual trip into the city centre on a shopping trip. Clothing, shoes overhaul Essential, but not a good experience.

I LOVE going into town and going round the shops. It's something I have done since I was about 14 years old; heading off "up the town" with my friends, wandering around shops, trying things on, picking things up, talking, laughing, chatting etc
I really enjoy this, even if I don't spend very much money.

However I don't physically go round the shops for pleasure very often now. A big reason for this is that browsing doesn't hold the same enjoyment when someone is shouting "I need a pee....NOW" or "I'm thirsty/hungry/bored/tired", "when are we going home" "what chocolate treat are you getting me" etc etc. Double those shouts by adding child # 2 to the mix and you'll even use online shopping for a pint of milk.....

I also hardly ever go because now, when I go, I feel rising feelings of "I wish"....."I wish I could afford that". "I like those". "if only I could get that, that and that". I feel a heightened vulnerability to become a slave to materialism, consumerism and pressure to conform.

* Is it because I am getting older and wish that I had nice things to make me feel young? I don't think so, I am not that impressionable.
* Is it because I now work for a church and have less money that I used to have to spend? Not really. I have what I need (but I'd never say no to more, in case anyone with influence is reading this :::grin::::)
* Is it because I have two children who need far more than I do because they grow out of things fast? Do they demand lots of the latest "in" things? No, not really (bless'em! They have learned that mum says "we can't have that; it's too expensive/we don't need it" and they genuinely seem accepting of that)
* Is it because the "spirit of this age" whch blinds the eyes and hearts of the unbelievers is at work even when a Christian goes shopping? Do I sound mad by saying "yes" I think it is? I think consumerism and the expectation to have/spend/throw away/upgrade is a strong and mighty force. I really feel it; as I walked round I could feel my heart wishing I could buy certain things and I had to CHOOSE to think "NO" and pray out that I have all that I need; that God is my provider; that I have all I need.

Wonder if I am alone in this? Is this unique to Christian women who go shopping? I don't get this feeling in Tesco's when doing the grocery shopping; just in all the lovely clothes/shoes/jewellery shops in the city centre. I admire Guacamole Girl because I know she resists this strongly in her shopping habits.

Thoughts, please!


  1. Lynn the comments that your children make are very similar to the ones I make when out shopping with my wife!

    I am lookinmg forward to your next blog on childrens stuff...

    What is this previous post comments...'It is not really me...' put your make up on in the car do you not?

  2. Question: does eyeliner and lip balm really count as "make up"....perhaps Wood St Girl could comment. Takes 2 seconds to do.

    (I can't do mascara in the car, WSG, I end up with black eyes)

  3. Oh no! Don't hold me up as an example! I really do try, but I'm currently wondering about re-doing the kitchen - big purchases (dishwasher, new freezer) possibly involving Guacamole Guy's mortal enemy - the credit card!!
    Seriously though, I do agree that there is a "spirit of the age" at work here. The thoughts I have while browsing round shops (even Tesco actually) are sometimes that I earn a good salary & I deserve to enjoy it etc. The lie in this is that whatever I buy will make me happy.
    I really like your idea of praying while shopping & affirming God as my provider. I'm sure that will help greatly - He is the only one who will meet my needs & make me happy. How fab to follow a God like that!
    Thanks for raising this issue - it's something we all need to be more conscious of, I think.
    Guaca x
    P.S. We saw you doing your eyeliner in the car on the way to church!!!

  4. Anonymous10:28 PM

    I have little problem resisting buying clothes, handbags etc etc and only need to think of my friend in Tanzania to make me put something back on the shelf. This said, I have enough clothes anyway so maybe that's not so hard to do. However, where I really struggle is when I'm in a shoe shop. I admit...I have a shoe fettish! I do like to look at shoes and try them on, I don't always need to buy but I seldom talk myself out of buying shoes and I have more than enough shoes. Yes, my friends call me Imelda! Generally I try to buy stuff from ethical sources and look to see where things were made, what they're made of etc (including shoes).
    I never do makeup in the car, wonder what that says about me???? Margaret


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