Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Resource

CWR has launched two daily devotional books for children six years of age and under.

The Jesus and Me Every Day volumes are brightly illustrated and easy to understand, giving young children a fun yet meaningful entry into daily Bible study.

They also offer Christian families a creative way to talk about the Bible with their children and introduce them to regular prayer.

The volumes each explore 10 much-loved Bible stories and themes over 60 days of devotionals, talking points and prayers.

My son is daft about Topz for age 7+ (must do Topz before I go to bed mummy!) and this new resource for under 7s is well worth checking out. I love CWR resources.

Book 1 looks at themes such as giving, helping and the start of creation, while Book 2 looks at the young Jesus, Moses the leader, Elisha and Abraham.

The books are written and illustrated by Eira Reeves and published by CWR priced £5.99 each.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Song For Thursday

You are so good to me Father.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'll try and put a few pics up, here's just the one for now.
It was a great day and I am so glad I went to the ceremony with some family and friends. Some people do graduate in absentia but the college had put so much effort into making it a special event that I didn't want to miss it even though our holiday to Cornwall had been booked from the Thursday. Even though I had graduated once before at one of Scotland's oldest universities (!), a long time ago (!!), it was a quick affair as there were hunnerds of MA Honours graduands. Saturday 4th July's ceremony lavished more than a few seconds on each graduate, announcing their award along with information about their future career plans or current involvement.

There was a classic moment: as I walked across the platform to the Principal of the college, it was announced that I was continuing to work for XX X church, where I had been on staff since 2004 - which of course was incorrect. There were a few of my friends there and I felt more than a tad embarrassed and emotional that, no, actually, I DIDN'T work and serve there anymore.

But I do feel a massive sense of achievement and relief (and release!) - I went in 2003/04 session to take ONE module only and now I have a degree and I will be eternally grateful to my anonymous sponsor(s), whoever they are, who believed I could do it and backed me financially.

More about our holiday on another post!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

July here we come

Its been all go here with a new house needing unpacked and a housewarming for 100 people from the "other side" of Scotland.

Also, on Saturday I will be mainly graduating with a BA in Theology!
Promise to post a photo!

That same day we are off to Costa del Cornwall for a fortnight in an unexpected and much longed for holiday in a caravan by the beach. Can't wait. Need to get away and see a change of scene, to study JG Dunn and the new persective on Paul - NOT!!!

Here's what I am going to do:-
* have long sleeps
* enjoy my children
* spend quality time with Mr HIWWC
* hopefully not spend too much money
* build sandcastles
* jump waves
* eat ice cream
* read Cosmo and Bill Johnson (good combo)
* go and see some lovely gardens
* visit the Eden Project
* not think about work at all (I have no problem switching off as there is no internet in the field!)

My interesting and random fact of the day is that J G Dunn, considered the leading NT scholar in the world, went to the same school as Annedroid and myself. So there you go.