Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home news

We have sold our house and in a few months will have absolutely nowhere to go! The logistical problem in 4 weeks time of what to do with our furniture (as we are in a fully furnished tenancy) is now hitting home. I am now computing how much space each large item we own takes up; anyone got any warm and dry space?

Actually, it's a weird feeling - our largest asset brought us a lot of security in years past and we are now aware that the feeling that our houses is "ours" is a lie.
Everything we have comes from his hand and we have felt the pain involved in that realisation coming to bear! But it feels very strangely liberating as well. We're not tied. However, we love our children so much and we are longing to provide them with some routine and normality with their wee special things around them and their pictures and posters on the wall.

Got to find somewhere to live and pack up and move (our old house) for the second time in six months pending the third pack up (from our temporary house!) and move......

Normal service on children/family issues will be resumed soon.


  1. So happy your house has sold...but I really understand the other feelings you have too.
    Many years ago someone gave me a promise from God after praying for me, and (I can't remember which part of the OT it comes from)said "the Lord himself has said to you that he will establish a house for you". It meant a lot to me at a time when I was seeking some peace and security that was absent from my life, and has proved true in the longer term. I don't think it means (necessarily) a literal house, but I'm certain that you are safe in God's hands.
    Will keep an ear open for available storage space in the meantime!

  2. It's an unsettling feeling I'm sure.

    I remember following the removal van in the car on the way here thinking "All our stuff's in that van. At this moment we don't live anywhere" - very weird.

    Someone I know who had to spend one night in a hotel with her husband and kids between handing over old keys and picking up new keys said she broke down in tears - the emotions took her very much by surprise.

    It'll pass though, Lynn, and soon be a distant memory.

  3. thanks guys for your loving comments.
    We need support from others in times like this!

    I am sure it will be a dim and distant memory in the future. At that time my kids will say "upheaval? removal? ah dinnae ken!!" in a regional accent :-)

  4. Oh man, Lynn, I hear ya. I know how this one feels.

    When I made my move to Edinburgh I moved 5 times in one year. It was very unsettling, and yet as you say strangely liberating. for me it was the realisation of how much of all "my stuff" I didn't actually need.

    Still without a permanent base I feel I can definitely call home 2 years on, I can only imagine what it must be like when there are kids involved too with all the unsettlement/moving/unsureity.

    Praying for ya sister.

  5. thanks BK.

    Look forward to a real-life hug!

  6. Glad your house has sold. Praying the logistics work out ok for you! Oh and I LOVE the late-at-night pic. Very fetching.


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