Saturday, August 19, 2006

Me'n 3 year olds....not so different

This is a monumental weekend for Lynn and New Technology.
I have just listed my first item for selling on ebay.

It took me over an hour to do....harrruummpphh ....and I got more than a little frustrated. As there was a "special" offer on listings of 10p per item, it seems that the Rest of the World are also trying to upload photos of their no-longer-wanted tat. So........just like a wonderfully funny TV advert here of a well known comedian (Gregor Fisher) doing his Frustrated Man act when a download takes ages to do..........I'm banging my head off the table at the Upload speed. I could have been down to the charity shop and back in this time (which is where the unwanted goods usually go).

Or maybe I will try freecycle.......

So what do I and my three year old have in common? When frustrated with things not going our way, we bang our fists, generally go "nnoooooooooooo", get bad tempered and want to rip pieces of paper into shreds.
What, in modern day life, makes you go MAD?


  1. Despite being an ebay member (Cuepee) since December '99 with a 100% feedback rating of the grand total of 21, but I've still not managed to list and sell anything so you're one step ahead of me. Why not post the listing address so we can all laugh? I mean bid ;-)

  2. I love 3 year olds. Unlike adults they just feel one emotion at a time. They react so intensely but then it all blows over and all is right with their world. In contrast, I can sulk for days! I'm like Jonah who, when God asks "Do you have any right to be angry?" responds "I feel so angry I could die".

  3. Hey Hippo - are you suffering from a split personality??

    Welcome to my blog! Pull up a chair and have a gab....

  4. Trying to put a rawl plug in a wall; continuing to hit immovable objects a couple of centimetres below the surface that my drill cannot get through; trying to batter it in with a hammer; smashing it to a pulp and then being unable to remove it by any means available to mortal man!


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