Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Top Ten Last Words from Children's Pastors

I visit a great, flippant site on children's ministry now and then and I felt like having a giggle tonight so I have decided to post something from it....


10. We don’t have to preview this video; one of the deacons told me it was clean.
9. Just go ahead. It’s easier to beg forgiveness than to obtain permission.
8. The leadership team won’t mind.
7. We can set up the lightbox in the baptismal tank (that one is specially for Brodie)
6. What does this switch on the sound desk do?
5. I've seen this done once on TV.
4. I'm sure it's strong enough to hold both of us.
3. Let’s go ahead and order it, the church will pay for it.
2. I decided we’re not providing Sunday School this summer, we all need a break .
1. I don’t care if he is the pastor’s kid........


  1. I love your 'What I'm reading' section. I'm so used to feeling guilty when others list 2 commentaries on Numbers, a book on the decrees of the Ecumenical Councils, and some night-time reading on Deuterocanonical literature!

  2. Don't encourage Lynn with that magazine please...I wonder if she ever got the annual...come on Lynn, tell the truth...Here is another for your list..'Of course it will come off' and if you ever want to know how to get candle wax off a new church carpet I'm your man...

  3. LOL, love your suggestion! Didn't get the Annual, would love it, let me know if you see it half price in Borders??

    Was that your new year celebrations?

    My colleague and I organised drinks and Danish pastries midway through the service tonight - we usually have eats and drinks on hard surfaces only!
    Hope no jam went on carpet or I will be posting here for advice!


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