Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Nolans Quiz, Lurker Invitation, What's in the News plus Technical Question (not much really)

please can I echo Brodie's/John's excellent request for all lurkers to come and say "hello" this week?

In particular, if you have moved your blog from blogspot to typepad can you leave me a comment? Can I make the move without losing my archives and current posts/comments?

I was helped to set up another blog today - on typepad, and I was converted.
It seems so easy - no html editing; merely click the boxes! A friend had given his blog a lovely Christmas feel some weeks back and I was so impressed at the blog's decoration, then I saw for myself today that on typepad it's simple to switch the template (my admiration was genuine at the time, S!)

It's been a day of contrasts - pastoral work in the morning, appointment with Inland Revenue tax officer in the afternoon (yes, it's that avoid-the-fine-time again) and haircut at lunchtime. Came out with smooth supershiny straightened, curled under hair. Not me at all. Apparently it's a very trendy style but I feel a bit like Coleen Nolan circ19?? Found a picture to show you. My haircut feels as if it's the one on the far left:

Feeling very annoyed by some news this week too - as usual, Christmas and New Year are quiet on the controversial news front and then it all comes out in one week.

* Bush :::::feel anger rising:::::::20,000 more men and women to Baghdad. Nice one.

* Ruth Kelly - betraying Labour's roots - paying for education in my eyes goes against the grain if you are a government minister. I have noted some comments in the blogosphere about her right as a parent but I feel in very strong agreement with the letter writer to one broadsheet who said this on Wednesday:
Ruth Kelly would have been correct to exercise her right as a parent to send her child to a private school had she not pocketed a ministerial salary and trumpeted the excellence of the state system of education for which she had responsibility.

I shall leave you with a question: in what year was the picture of the Nolans taken? Post your answer in the comments (lurkers, you too can join in with this simple quiz!)


  1. In my defence I want to say that I never claimed any sort of blog design genius...

  2. I'm not a lurker, but hello anyway. Can't imagine you with Nolan hair - will it still be like that on Sunday or will you "not be able to do it like that yourself"? (which is why I gave up going to the hairdressers incidentally)
    On a more serious note - I'm shouting at the TV news so much this week - I cannot believe President Bush can get away with what he's doing - it's insane!!

  3. Nah, can't do straighteners, back to normal on Sunday.

    Bush - pffff - peeked at some N. American Christian blogs to see what they were saying about W.....

    no comment in this public space

  4. Hi Lynn,

    Stopping by for the first time. Look forward to reading more.

    I'm very disappointed to see so many more troops going. Strangely there's not been a whole lot said about that over here in Yank-land.

  5. Oh my John. You will find my blog a load of levity and nonsense with the odd serious comment thrown in here and there.

    can you call back tomorrow as I am going to post a serious theological question? :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Oh - the Nolans - a singing group - all sisters - very popular in the 1980s but cheesey with a capital C.

  6. "Levity". Ever throw any levitation in for good measure? :-)

    Will stop by for sure. But I like levity and nonsense.

  7. Hi Lynn ...

    I was going to guess that photo was taken in about 1984.

    I'm glad you've found us all ...

    aka ... sonja

  8. Hi Sonja!!

    Thanks for leaving a message - and you are RIGHT with the year!

    Well done!

    (of course I was very, very young in 1984!)


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