Friday, February 02, 2007

Not lovin' it

I am not liking the way my blog looks anymore. The more time I play with typepad, the more I like it. I don't care if I have to pay for it. I'm with Guacamole Girl!
I'm preparing to make the Switch to The Other Side.
Please bear with me.

On another matter entirely, I had the most interesting experience at a lighting hire company in the middle of a rough and ready industrial estate. A really huge, tattooed, beanie-wearing man, as I collected a flame lamp, said.....ah yes, you're from XXX church; we know that one.......

I was racking my brains to think who, how, why and when and I guess it was through these guys here who are fairly frequently contacted by me or my colleague for AV advice, lights, data projectors, stuff and nonsense (like explaining how the keystone button works on my projector)

I can't wait to go back on Monday to tell them how the all age service plus 6 foot high flame lamp went!!


  1. If someone you knew had a pro typepad account - perhaps you could come to some arrangement where they let you set up a blog under their account?

    I'm happy to setup a free wordpress account for you at and you can see if you like that any better.

  2. A 6-foot flame lamp - oh boy! oh boy! Can't wait to see what that's about.

    See you on typepad.


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