Monday, December 03, 2007

Exam over....

phew....this term's work is over, fairly painlessly I thought.
In today's exam I had to write two short essays; one asking to what extent (ah, that old phrase) the Exodus was a historical reality and one accounting for the the differences in the Joshua and Judges accounts of entry into the land.

We shall see if I have misguided confidence. Perhaps there is an OT scholar in me yet!

I'm having tonight off - its just me and Jack Bauer in the house and later in the week I am onto ...Christmas party organising; one an in-house children and family event and one an outreach to families-through-their kids event. Oh, and I'm attending a senior citz one and one at the club for children with additional support needs. And a midweek club one. I love Christmas!!

One of my leaders came in last week to talk through a training issue that is on his heart and it was important for me to take the time to listen to this. As a result we hope to organise a training morning on different types of praying for/with/about children (I do love a bit of O. Hallesby)

I am not terribly programme driven; i.e. I never feel the need to have X, Y and Z happening each week and if X is a success then its time to extend and add in A and B as well; the only way I know how to plan my work is to listen to what God is saying to my fellowship as a whole and to me personally, listening to other people, observing what is happening with the people I serve and then bouncing the whole lot (of ideas) to some trusted friends and colleagues. Dunno if this is how other people in my kind of role do things but it's how I do it. Of course, there are things that NEED to be done and these things happen as a matter of course; one tiny example is making sure Sunday mornings run smoothly.

It's pretty exciting. I am teaching in secondary school later this week but I am feeling I wouldn't give the flexibility, unpredictability and excitement of a pastoral job up for anything......

(you can and should quote me on that when I feel morose!)

What do you love (and hate) about Christmas? Please do respond in the comments.


  1. What do I love about Christmas? Mmm....... If I can't get to a Watchnight Service, I love to hear Christmas Carols at midnight, with the room all dressed in it's Christmas best, with the mingled scents of pine and tangerine and spices - everything at peace and twinkling!
    What do I hate? The Christmas hard-sell. And the general lack of acknowledgement that Christmas is about Jesus.

  2. I hate Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol", because the main character starts off with the right attitude but ends up selling out his principles and joining in with all the festive nonsense.

    Bah Humbug!


  3. Thanks for your thoughts, Hideous Man and Sheena.
    Sheena, you have got me picturing the scene really clearly except the night before Christmas my house is a mess and far from its Christmas best as I struggle to get ready for the visitors/children etc

  4. It's only now that our children are all grown up that I can be organised..... I can well remember (with affection) the Christmas Eve chaos while they were all young!

  5. Love: all the mystery of the incarnation, reading Isaiah, singing (proper) Christmas carols, going to parties!
    Hate: the potential for stress & losing all the above in last-minute chores. Trying to guard against this by prioritising time-out with God.
    Happy Christmas - God bless us every one!
    Vicki xx

    P.S. "a training morning on different types of praying for/with/about children" - bring it on - can't wait!!

  6. Hhmmm...Christmas.

    Love: The way people suspend all rationality because ''s christmas after all' which can result in a lot of chocolate and very little work at the office. It's all good. I like the ability Christmas has to break down barriers or tensions because some people cannot bear to hold a grudge over the festive season.

    Hate: People always trying to tell me 'the real meaning of Christmas'. Somehow I dread the main Christmas service with the usual, "We all think about presents but do we ever think about Jesus?*" line.

    *note that the above statement is valid, just not always presented in a fresh or engaging way!


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