Saturday, November 08, 2008

my week

Hello dear blog

Realised I haven't posted any sort of update on the denominational conference. That's mainly because it's been a testing week - not insurmountably difficult because of the way people around us have pulled round us - but not an easy one.

My seminar at this went well; it was packed out and I was delighted that so many pastors and leaders were present, including Mark Greene of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

My friend and colleague had a tremendous turnout at her seminar the next day, c'mon the women :-) :-)

On Sunday it was the all age service - I meant to take a photo of the tremendously awesome banquetting table (but I forgot). I really enjoyed the worship and doing the teaching but I was too long :-(

Felt disappointed with this on Monday morning. Why do we always remember the negative and not the positive? Some of the reasons for being too long were under my control i.e. it was my mouth, not anyone else's, and one or two of them weren't.

On Monday I lost all my keys (and got into fear about telling the office manager)
On Tuesday I crashed the car
On Wednesday I was late for my Moltmann class due to the above and also things house-wise came to a financial head and
On Thursday God answered a crisis prayer
On Friday the courtesy car I thought I was getting was withdrawn as I was told the car was a write off
Tomorrow (Saturday) I am heading North to do some teaching and training on faith development and disruptive children.
On Sunday I repeat the all age service with the 9.30 congregation

Promise to write more next week.


  1. A "testing week" is putting it mildly, by the sound of things.

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Boy you've been busy! I wouldn't worry about not posting about the Assembly. I couldn't find anything on the BUS website either! Hope this weekend's session goes well. Be interested to hear what you say/do.Mx

  3. at least you can't say that life has become dull, mundane, boring, uninteresting or drab.....

  4. Just read the bit about the car on FB. Glad you're OK. Where did it happen?
    Hope you had a good day "up north"
    V xxx

  5. Annedroid - thank for your comments, you are about to feature in one of my next posts :-)

    M, thanks for your unending support towards me, am aware I haven't been able to see you for months and months but am so glad for the bond of friendship :-)

    THM, yeah, and I'm also thinking ....a quiet uneventful life would be nice, for once!

    V, ummm, at the end of my road....
    Least I could walk home after the car was towed away.....

  6. I was chuffed to bits that the second all age service came in at one hour 5 minutes including a period of silence to commerate those who have died in past and present wars.

    However, lest I get too big for my boots, I received a complaint and some comment on how I could do better next time.

    I wonder why some churches don't try and do all age gatherings.....


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