Friday, December 14, 2007

My Week in Statistics

Thursday 13 Dec, just before midnight....

Christmas parties/lunches down - 5
Christmas Parties/lunches still to occur - 6
No. of Christmas Parties/lunches with participants under the age of 12 - 8
No. of packets of marshmallows bought - 6
No. of children attending aforementioned parties - approx 270
No.of vomiting children - 0
(ah, but wait, last year's it was this man's offspring who broke that record)
Amount of budget spent on funding parties - no-one minds, really.
I kind of get free reign because I am careful with money.

One's for a school group, three are for under-5s (one;the preschool's; I don't have to fund; one is for children with additional support needs, one is for the midweek kid's club, two are for Sunday School (though I don't call it that - nor do we hold it in church but in a bowling alley and in a soft play area).

No. of under 12s parties that I personally organise - 4
No. of under 12s parties that others in my teams organise - 4
(50% delegation rate is not bad; could be improved though)

No. of secret Santa presents bought - 1
No. of services that I am fully or semi- responsible for over the the next twelve days - 3
(now that's a scary prospect, she says with glee)

No. of work colleagues who have helped me with all of the above - 6
No. of volunteers who have helped me with all of the above - loads and loads

The last two says it all really!!!


  1. Hi - I think we just met you at church this morning...? we were the visitors from Newcastle... thanks for the warm welcome! Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2008 - God bless the work you're doing with those kids!

  2. Wow - how did you know it was me!?!?

    Glad you enjoyed it - I try to spot new faces - don't always manage it - have now visited your blog and will keep in touch!

    Thanks for adding me to your list as well :-)

    Blessings for 2008!

  3. I came across your blog about a year ago via a link from 'across the barricades', linked from the blog of an old friend from uni days (thathideousman)... small world, eh!


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