Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Return to Study

Tomorrow I return to studies.
Regular readers of the blog will know that back here I ran the very real risk of complete meltdown. But all was well and the research papers got good marks.

How can a mother of two small ones, dutiful wife, children's pastor and partaker of Costa produce with the mothers' mafia of the local community manage to be officially classed as a full time student last session? (Answer: due to the number of hours of classes/study/research undertaken. You can't lie to SAAS to get money!)

More importantly, how can a working mum manage to get this degree? Answer: (truly) - with God's help, giving me discipline (though I freely confess I am not moan-free) and committment to the studies, grace to get through it, financial help from sources that were not my own and help from friends at various points throughout the year to keep my chin up, lend me lecture notes, explain terminology to me and generally be there for me at all times during the term.

And now it's back for just a little more. One third of third year; the remainder having been passed already.

But this year I have to travel to get there......

Mark July 2009 in your diaries as its party time when I graduate!!


  1. Paaarty on!! That will be a great day!
    How did the envisioning day go? We co-ordinators are looking forward to hearing about it.
    see u soon,
    V xx

  2. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Hi Lynn,
    Haven't read your blog for a while, its a good way to catch up. Heard about your Envisioning day from our Edinburgh spies, sounds like it was v impressive, I hope it was good for you too.
    I liked your comments on Jesus and family - I think one of the most profound Biblical truths about Jesus' childhood is not only that he had a normal upbringing and development but that Scripture is silent about nearly all of it - God gave him the space and privacy to be a child, to be himself, without demands or expectations or being watched by anyone other than his family...
    Keep up the good work and praying for you all about the house,



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