Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dragged, screaming and kicking

Went on my first ever visit to Starbucks today. I really have never been to a coffee "chain". I don't drink coffee and I reckon if I ever need a good cup of tea I shall make it myself.

It had to be explained to me that once you are fleeced, errrr, I mean, pay (thanks Mr X!) with several jangly pound coins, you wait at a little round serving area for the barista (not to be confused with a barrister. There is a very subtle difference) to make your drink.

I'd like to publicly declare that I was swept along in the crowd and found myself in there (it was raining pretty heavily and it was a dry sanctuary) Wisnae ma fault, miss!

(I noticed that Starbucks have 5 statements proving their ethical credentials on the wall, I wondered if they were trying to prove a point??)

Then I found this - check out the December 12th post!!!!


  1. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Have you checked out this??

    More than 85,000 people across the world have faxed Starbucks to tell it to honour its commitments to coffee farmers in Ethiopia.

    By recognising Ethiopia’s ownership of its premium coffee names, Starbucks could help to lift millions of coffee farmers out of poverty.

    But Starbucks isn’t listening. Help us keep up the pressure by delivering a campaign action card on or after Saturday 16 December. Please drop into your local Starbucks and leave it with the store manager.

    Send questions and feedback to

    Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty and suffering.
    Oxfam GB is a member of Oxfam International.
    A company limited by guarantee and registered in London No. 612172.
    Registered office: Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2JY.
    Registered Charity No. 202918. Tel: 0870 333 2700

  2. Found someone else who felt "fished in" by the ethical statements on the wall.

    See Nov 28th post on

  3. I have it on very good authority that you had not just a small but a 'grande' hot chocolate and that you were considering all on your own buying a book from the multi-national corporation that was hosting the 'Starbucks' brand.

  4. Wow, those CCTV cameras get everywhere!


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