Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Excitement in the air!

I'm off to London Sunday until Tuesday. I love flying by myself; over the years I have been very privileged to fly away with only hand luggage and my thoughts beside me on various occasions - usually to London and Dublin. A few years ago I flew "solo" across the Atlantic to meet my husband who had gone ahead to a conference with our senior pastor in North Carolina, USA. That was slightly more stressful; had to dash from Gatwick to Heathrow in an hour - not to be recommended in London traffic........I was hoping for one of those Tony Campolo moments with a fellow passenger and it didn't happen (I'm sure many readers have heard Tony Campolo speak about his interactions with fellow air passengers! - incredible time of witnessing, leads them weeping to Christ etc etc)

I'm attending speaker training with a small group of people here, and I'm really excited. I will meet up with a few other Alpha folk I know; we're staying in the same hotel, and I am looking forward to socialising for two days with adults without the "he did this/she's annoying me/please can you get/do/pick up/buy/give me" type chat from my (seriously) much loved and cherished offspring.

Also, and I am slightly concerned about putting this private reflection in the public domain, I'm flying on Sunday morning rather than in the afternoon so I can wander around the shops for the afternoon. Does that make me materialistic? Ummm, hope not, I am looking forward to doing something with me, myself and I that I rarely get to do. I am planning on a visit to Hamleys (toy shop) - any other shopping recommendations?

I always, always go to the Natural History Museum, using my teacher's pass to get in legitimately for free (It's SO expensive!) but I don't think I will have time to do that on this trip.

I'm also having my monthly "I'm not suited to studying theology" crisis so I am looking forward to a Sunday off, although still working (:::::she adds hastily::::)reflecting a bit more on what I believe with time to think instead of my usual mad-runaround-Sundays. I simply can't present my thoughts well enough. I'm feeling quite inadequate when debates take place. I can never remember where to find that certain verse which was there in my memory banks a few minutes ago and a brief discussion today on atonement and Steve Chalke's views had me closing my eyes and wishing that the bell would ring (NOW that reminds me of moments in school!)


  1. This is the longest blog entry for ages from must be excited.

    In danger of courting controversy on your blog - there was a lot more in Steve Chalke's book apart from what he wrote about the atonement. It related to issues of the Kingdom of God and violence. In debates about Steve Chalke's book these issues seem not to be 'important'. Is that because these areas were concerned with right living that requires concrete action rather than right belief which is not considered as important?

    Lynn - why am I ranting on your blog - I will go and rant on my own - delete this if you want.

    Enjoy the trip - we need to arrange a meeting!!!!!

  2. Hi S
    thanks for your post and of course I won't delete it :-)
    I really can't comment on the atonement debate because I haven't read the book and I don't know enough about it. I am watching and listening at college as others talk and trying to think "is this me?" which is why I have dilemma-d before about studying theology.

    It's making me think, it's making me uncomfortable at times, it's making me listen more to others, it's making me annoyed occasionally, it's allowing me to see how some of the guys' brains process information in a way I can't; it's stretching, challenging and prodding me and from time to time I can't handle it and want to read Heat magazine and go shopping!


  3. Lynn ranting late at night leads to bad grammar and expression. In my rant what I wanted my last bit to say was: Have the issues of violence and the Kingdom of God been ignored because they would demand right action which is not considered as important as right belief - or have they been ignored because might actually force us to do something with respect to our lifestyle rather than talk.

    Yes that is better, that is what I wanted to suggest.

    Okay here is what you can do - suggest a theological reflection on 'Heat' magazine - people might think that it has something to do with 'hell' and allow it! Or would that spoil the reading of it?

  4. Stuart8:16 PM

    Grammar is still not good...why do you never see things like mistakes until you have posted them, that is what I want to know...I am away to read 'Heat' magazine.

  5. You and Guacamole Girl exercise discernment when you said I MUST be looking forward to my trip, excited etc - here's why: airport lounge = treat myself to a glossy magazine :)


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