Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deep calls to deep

Re: the title of this post - I have always loved this verse from Psalm 42

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls - a phrase loaded with imagery; of rushing waters and roaring sounds; of immense power in the cascade of water which erodes a path through the most resistant rock. Nothing can stand in its way! Our landscape today is marked with the paths of former rivers, pools and waterfalls formed by the excess water running off the land after the last Ice Age. Yet we know water also to be a soft, gentle, cleansing substance which we desperately need for refreshment and washing; essential to even the most mundane daily task. Without it, we die.

What does "deep calls to deep" mean?
I'd suggest it means that there is a place deep within each human being that longs and yearns for communion with God. There is a lot of talk in contemporary theology about community; a lot of the things I dip in and out talk about this. But for me, on Sunday night, with tears running down my face as my friends preached on Acts 2, it was a yearning that I could have screamed out loud about. believers who loved one another and belonged to each other and yet saw miraculous signs in their midst. I'm FED UP with busy-ness. There IS another way.

Deep calls to deep means to me I can whisper the things I am most afraid of to God and I feel an immediate comfort coming to me. It means I can sigh and he knows what I mean. It means I can howl and words aren't necessary. And on Sunday night it meant that even when I felt I didn't belong, he told me I did.

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  1. I have always loved that verse too...


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