Friday, December 05, 2008

A Day in the Life of A Children's Pastor

Of course, this bears absolutely no relevance to anything at all to that experienced UK kids pastors/workers!?!?

(I am very grateful to the staff team and a lot of other people who help me as we share loads of stuff out together)


  1. The State That I Am In11:31 AM

    Genius clip.

    We have bothe the Jesus and Mr T action figures at home (not kidding).

    The Jesus had wheels under his robe for "walk on water action" and our Daughter spent a while being confused when she would see pictures of Jesus in her picture bibles with feet rather than wheels...

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    "Did Jacob spend time with tots? No, he wrestled with an angel!"

    Lol. Love it.

    Ah..if Mr T and Arnie were church elders...that would be hilarious. Think of the carnage...

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  4. Hey guys...thanks for the comments. I laughed for ages last night. You should view the whole clip at
    (its 11 minutes long but worth it for those with special interest!)

    My personal favourite is that waving arms dad: "my kid said you have ....RULES....!!!"

  5. Anonymous2:42 AM

    TSTIAI - I've not seen the Mr T one!!

    Lynn - Do you still have those wooly caucasian biblical characters? You know, my godson just has been bought a nativity set thing. One of the characters has a removable santa beard...?!?! (not sure if he's Joseph or a sleepy shepherd). But Mary is a caucasian nun dressed in blue.


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