Thursday, May 03, 2012

Book Launch Details

On June 9th the first delivery of this book will with me!

If you would like to pre-order, please send your email address to and I will send you a pre-order form.

The publisher is Evangelista Media (formerly Destiny Image Europe) and so the book will be available to Christian booksellers through the normal distribution networks. The book will also be available in the United States and worldwide through the publisher's website.

Below are the details of the two Scottish book launches. If you live anywhere near, or can travel to come, please do come to celebrate with me the culmination of this part of the journey. For me these evenings will be a time to celebrate - I managed to finish a book and more than that, the HUGE risk I took has paid off in that those who have pre-read the book say they have found it encouraging, inspiring to them personally and timely. I'm so glad. All I wanted to do was to produce something that was helpful and gave something back from all that I have experienced in my walk with God thus far. But it wasn't borne easily and as many of you know, I experienced pain in its birth - in many ways I felt very alone.

I left my job to read and ponder children, families, faith, discipling and missional communities and the future of the church! So on these evenings we will worship and pray together for the future of the church in the UK. These evenings are not about buying a book (honest!)

Friday 15 June 2012
@ Holy Trinity Church, Hailesland Place, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh EH14 - 7.45pm

Tuesday 19 June 2012 @ Queens Park Baptist Church, (Camphill Building) Balvicar Street, Glasgow G42 - 7.45pm

Below is one of the endorsements at the front of the book. Hopefully it gives you a flavour of what its about.
Page after page of this excellent book is filled with the testimonies of children, young people and families who have been completely transformed by the love and power of God. These stories are woven together to produce a passionate and articulate advocacy for the church to move in a new way. Lynn is calling on the church to embrace whole family discipleship and so much more. This is a radical departure from a great deal of what is currently happening in children's, youth and family work within the church.

I believe that this is a prophetic book - there is something here that is a foretelling of what the Lord wants to do in our nation. Lynn boldly lays out a way of thinking and being the church that will enable every generation to find their place within the church's new awakening. I strongly recommend the reader to take time to read, ponder and weigh what is being said here. There is a way ahead within these pages.

Alan McWilliam, Church Leader, Whiteinch Church of Scotland and Chairman, CLAN (New Wine Scotland)


  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I am really looking forward to reading it! Thanks for investing so much in writing it. Will it be Kindle-ised?! Nicki

  2. Anonymous11:42 PM

    thanks so much for this comment. As far as I know - no. At least, not initially. Would you consider getting a paper copy? These can be ordered very soon online, at

    (website not live until June 1st)

    Thank you so much for your encouragement!

    - lynn


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