Monday, April 16, 2007

Google Alert - Nicola Sturgeon

Came home from ten days away to find a personal note on a letter from a well-known politician who just may have been mentioned in the last entry or two.......

It said: "came across your blog the other day. It was a bit spooky reading it so soon after our conversation in your garden, but it was very good".

On opening the letter, I hadn't reckoned on the power of Google Alert and I ran back to see what I had written :::::phew::::: I posted something honest and not unkind; attempting to live out what I believe (don't always manage this to perfection!). I only exaggerated slightly when I said "Lynn cross-examines famous politician". I didn't really do any Donald Findlay style cross-examining (don't know the words of his songs!)

Nicola Sturgeon will face much tougher opponents than me asking a few questions, and as a law grad, she is well able to argue her party's case. I remember going to a hustings meeting in Govan, at the Pearce Institute, in, I think, 1997 (?) and had never heard such a bunch of mumblers as Sarwar and his attendants; did Labour no favours at all. A very young Nicola Sturgeon spoke superbly (I think we're the same age). However, I placed a lot of hope in TB in those days.

And so.....two weeks to the election. I agree with Stuart here on the Scottish Christian Party; it's not for me.

PS Nicola, if you're reading this, please have a look at Still Small Voices.


  1. It can be scary when you are made to realise that what you are writing can be read by a wide range of people. But it was a good post so no fear. Also a good picture. On another thing...When are we getting the next children bit.

  2. hey - cool! A wee flower has come up next to your name.

    What I came on to say was:
    Has anyone ever told you that you're a nag?


    Tomorrow is another day :-)

  3. Still waiting....Point 7 I think...

    What flower?

  4. Below the post, on my screen, where the comments appear, there is a very cute flower next to each commenter's name.

    Stuart The Flower.
    Rev Flower
    Dr Rev Flower (at a future date)
    or is it Rev Dr Flower

    Think it will catch on?


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