Sunday, September 30, 2007

Upside Down, You Got Me Turning, Inside Out, and Round and Round**

Something happened to me on 7th September that has literally shaken my thinking on evangelism. It revolves around this passage.

Yes, I did know this story before that date and yet it came alive........(doh)
I had been preparing with a little team for an alpha course for families - we had prayed lots, we had planned together, we had prayed some more. Food for 30 was waiting. As 6pm drew near, no-one came. Ah well, I thought, a lovely meal awaits and this will be relaxing, all these folks are good friends of mine and it will be an opportunity to chat and catch up.

But something within me ROSE up - NO! It's not to be like this - we can't sit and share a meal so comfy and cosy - so it was coats on and into the street as we set off find people who will come eat with us. "Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find." So two of us set out and I invited families in the nearby park to our meal.

One family came - and the sense of God's love and care for them is moving me to tears every time I think of it. As a friend put it: think how much God loved them that he wanted to seek them out; it's as if the other people who were busy just weren't meant to come so that this family were reached with a meal which represented love, compassion and friendship. And they live on our doorstep.

It's this Lost Sheep principle which we lose when we become numbers driven...what? An alpha course with only two guests? And one a child! Hallelujah! Not just two people - it's a household! One of my most favourite speakers, Heidi Baker, who does phenomenal work in Mozambique and Malawi says "love the one, just the one. Everyone love the one in front of you. Then more will be added as they love the one in front of them".

And so my thoughts have turned to the flats in the streets around; the houses and streets aren't as wide and spacious and green as the houses which most of our congregation live in. The families perhaps not nuclear. And yet these are my neighbours. I feel some of my thoughts and strategies for the future being re-formed over the last two weeks in the light of this parable.

If the people we work and socialise with are too busy with their property (= field); their possessions (= oxen)or their partners, who are we to share the good news to?

**Can you name who sang this song? Answers in the comments!


  1. Was it Diana Ross???

    What a fantastic true story! Can't wait to see how this pans out, for the family in question & for out "strategy"!!

    See you tomorrow
    V xx

  2. Diana Ross

    Also recorded by:
    BB Band; The Bosshoss; Chic; Countdown Mix Masters; Cut 'n' Move; Destiny's Child; Engine 54; Groove Club; Hit Crew; Tom Jones;
    Ms. Dynamite; Pieces of a Dream; Lou Rawls; The Rebels; Hélène Ségara; Chris Standring; The Starlite Orch.; Maria Straight.

    Do I win??? What's the prize???

    Loved the story Lynn. Gospel in action. And hey - it's really fun into the bargain! This is what we need more of!!

  3. OOooooh check you out, music fiend!

    There was no kind of official prize - except free entry into a local conference :::::smile:::::

    Persistent I am!

  4. I was going to mention that the singer of that particular song is Diana Ross, but I gather you already know!! :-)

    Lynn, this is a wonderful story - and it makes me weepy too! I know this is exactly what Jesus asks us to do. What I don't know, however, is why this sort of action does not happen all the time, everywhere. And that sort of makes me weepy for a totally different reason......

  5. Hey - totally cut and pasted from a web site. I wouldn't have even known it was Diana Ross - though I can remember the song!!

  6. Know nothing about the song - but the rest of the story - brilliant!

  7. Stuart, you disappoint me, had you down as a 70s disco kid/shape thrower - I imagined you would be familar with the complete category of works by Diana Ross



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