Thursday, August 23, 2007

Now I've.....

..........joined Bebo. Oooh sucked in, fished in, I am.

Wonder if John will also be there!?! :-)(we said hello on Facebook. John knows half the world :::smile::::)

I am not going to manage to keep up with these social networks. Apparently I have been sent a map, a flower, a drawing and some grafitti on a wall by friends, but I can just manage to check my emails and glance at a few blogs!!


  1. You're too funny!

    I haven't even heard of bebo yet. How is it?

  2. Errrr, how is Bebo....good Q....

    :::scratches head::::::

    well, skittles (candy) are currently the main sponsor of Bebo ...that about says it all!

    young, fast, dynamic....all the yoof workers I know are on it.
    The dinosaurs like me just get invited on to balance the age demographic out..!

  3. Lynn,

    Oh no! You aren't allowed to be a dinosaur, cause I think you are years younger than me (34).

  4. John, oh John, you are very wrong.
    I *am* years older than you! It's my birthday on Tuesday!

    Hey - a friend introduced me to the cherry picking concept of Facebook, which as you know I hadn't done but sadly I started today - you find one of your friends, you go through their friends list and pick off the ones you know, send a request asking to be their friend and so on and so on.

    It truly disrupts one's work.
    And does God truly love me any more if I have 632 friends? (I saw one of my friends with that number!!)


  5. I like cherries, I'll have to try that.

    Now come on, there is no way your years older than me. Time to fess up your age. Though something tells me I knew and then forgot--must be a sign of old age.

  6. Oh yeah, happy birthday for Tuesday! How many candles do we put on your cake again?

  7. I was going to say: I'm not putting my age in the "public domain" but hey, what does age matter anyway.

    I will be 39.

    I guess everyone says this but I totally feel the same as I did when I was 19 or 29 - yes, perhaps a little older and wiser but my attitudes and outlook are inherently still the same.

    I found an article I wrote for our church magazine when I was 16 when our senior pastor started clearing out pending his retirement and I was actually pretty struck by what I had written. I could have written it now.

    Perhaps I will post it on the blog.

  8. 39? Big deal! 69, okay, then you're getting old :-)

    You should post it!

  9. I too joined Bebo and Facebook - you just get sort of 'caught' by the cryptic email messages - "Ethel has smacked you in the face with a kipper" sort of thing. Anyway, as I am hugely older than you (information from your photo) I thought I was terribly cool - until one of the youngsters at church added a comment on Bebo - "Sheena, you have a Bebo site - amazing"!! Think I'd best get back to my knitting and jam-making.........

  10. LOL Sheena, welcome to my little corner of blogdom.

    and thanks for your comment on this topic - you, me and John should start a Facebook "group" :-)

    John, thanks for the reassurance!

  11. Now, what shall we call our 'Facebook' "group" ?

  12. I suggest "older and bolder" LOL

    Dunno how to make a group though!
    Can't find you on facebook as I dont know your surname!

  13. I'm Sheena Conroy - in my case (very much) older and bolder! And I don't know how to make a group either......


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