Sunday, August 05, 2007

Going very quiet........ internet connection at home has died. More specifically, my BT Voyager modem is not playing any more. Says its disconnected all the time when the wee lights are clearly ON and somebody is IN.

So I am sitting here in my office typing this. Pah. (Had things to pick up for the holiday club anyway). Or could I have deleted an .exe file when I was tidying up my desktop?? ::::::bites lip::::::

Also, I will mostly be offline this week as I have great fun Down the Nile with 130 children in a hypothetical Egypt. Can't wait - the band sound great, the drama team are splitting my sides, the messy games are..........messy..........and the team are great.

All sorts of folks are stepping in to help with all kinds of behind the scenes things, which I love. The army mobilises!

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