Saturday, October 06, 2007

TOTAL Respect

I joked about issuing an impish challenge to a friend of mine. I wondered if this was a little foolish but hey - we all need to live a little.

And all credit to them - they took up the challenge to spend a few seconds on something really silly. They combined edgy teaching, prophetic challenge and a sense of humour. They took a firm line on some issues and yet maintained an approachability. They have a heaven-mindedness but also an earthly groundedness - and of course they know how to have a laugh. Personally, I've never got the "I've got joy deep down in my heart" thing. I've never been able to keep joy and laughter quiet!! (which has always got me into trouble). There are more serious faces in churchianity than there are broad smiles :-)


  1. Hazel5:50 PM

    Yes, I agree, some have a perception that if you are a Christian you have to be deadly serious all the time...
    But I reckon some people including my husband would probably put me in the "churchianity" category. i.e. I really do like tradition and formality and by the time I get to Sunday mornings, all I want is a bit of peace and quiet "Lord, I am here, isn't that enough, I don't really have the energy for any of this lively stuff!" However, having dragged husband along to the local C of S to sing some "proper hymns" - we sang "A safe stronghold our God is still" -basically a hymn about evil and the devil not prevaling! The last verse reads
    "And should he take my my life, goods, honour, children, WIFE;
    Yet is his profit SMALL these things will vanish all,
    The city of God remaineth". Cue muffled hysterical giggling from husband and I, tears were still running down my face when we were trying to say the grace, and can we ever show our faces there again! Also, have you seen Gadget Vicar's posting of the clip of Mr Bean and "All creatures of our God and King", it is hilarious, again I am in tears of laughter.

  2. Ah Hazel - great to see you delurked - and what a fantastic tale; I wish I could have seen your faces.

    I too love that Mr Bean clip!


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