Friday, November 16, 2007

The Week That Was

Monday - went back to teaching for a day. In a department with an awful principal teacher - unsupportive, unkind, ill-prepared and unfriendly. Shan't be rushing back to her department to offer my services again! In the evening, I ran my triple p group.

Tuesday - lovin' old Testament class. Thought for the week: generational sin: anything in the OT has an application for us today, said the lecturer. Mmmmmm. Then had to rush off to a lunchtime school group that needed some support. A bit of disrespect happening to my team; can't have that. I went into "firm, no-messing" mode with some 11 year old boys!
Before 3pm I managed to briefly visit a family facing very difficult circumstances who a bunch of Christians from different churches have been able to help in the most amazing way. That was a real honour. They are lovely, lovely people.

Wednesday - did some admin and a zillion phone calls in the morning, then off to a meeting with fellow staffers from different places then back to meet a parent previously unconnected to our church who wanted some parenting help :::::from me!?!? see earlier post on dreaming:::::::
Seriously, this was also a real privilege. And all thanks to some very specfic input and training that I walked into in a fruitful Health Board liasion two years ago which allowed me to be trained and accredited in "triple p". It's opened unimagineable doors.

Thursday - team prayers, then off to the bustling parent/carer ministry that gives people a break from their screaming childXXXXXXX cute children for an hour or so. Very excitingly for me, my sister-in-law was coming for the first time AND one of my teaching colleagues, with her first baby! I think they enjoyed their break and chat with other carers. Of particular encouragement to me was the fact that 3 people at the table, spontaneously and genuinely raved about the group and the support and fun it gave them as their children were looked after lovingly by the team of "aunties" while they had a break.
Back to the office just really to sort out all my announcements for the bulleting sheet then it was time for all the staff went out for a farewell lunch to a much loved colleague who retires next week. He's my line manager and I am going to miss him deeply. Two people I am close to at work leaving within a month of one another.......

Friday - mummies Costa trip (if you know me by now you will know this is a weekly social event where a group of us from the "school gates" hang out together). It's one of my highest priorities in the diary unless I have to come in to work, depending on how many evening sessions I have worked. But this week so far that has been two. Tonight is family alpha.

So much of the time I spend "in contact" with (other) people but I work on my own a lot of the time, like all other pastoral jobs I suppose. Linkages become very important!


  1. Lynn - sounds very busy and fulfilling! What do you do? Wish I had the perfect answer! Although my life is quite different to yours, some of the things you said struck a chord with me. I guess it's a case of taking each day - each situation - as they arise, and doing it all in God's strength. As per my blog, I'm loving Zephaniah 3:17.

  2. Sheena, thanks so much for the reminder of Zeph 3:17. if it wasn't for the incredible times with Father God that I am having, where he speaks so tenderly and refuels me when I get still before him, and the undeniable sense of call that I have for what I do, I would have given up a year ago to go back to secondary teaching.....

    I should add that Monday's day was a supply (or agency) day - every single department head that I have ever met has been lovely to work with and has been so supportive in every way. And Monday's wasn't, sadly, which means if you have a choice about whether to go back for a day or not, you won't!

  3. Lynn - re your Monday's supply day - how good that you have the choice as to whether you ever return there again or not! That reduces the stress considerably! Ain't choice great?
    So pleased that God resources you in the way He does! How do folk manage without Him?
    (PS: you seem to blog the same un-earthly hours that I do!)


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