Saturday, January 12, 2008

still here

Still here. Reading other's blogs but not my own :-)
Got to have a night in tonight - watched the Da Vinci Code. It's not affected my belief in the sinless Jesus - don't worry readers I'm as fundamental as ever - in true child-like form I didn't understand most of the film. Thought the first hour was unbelievably slow.

I have only just managed to exist this week. I don't like January. I'm naming and claiming every promise of God that I can remember as the weather has been rotten, I've felt a bit sad (every January I get this), my new shoes hurt, I've lost my second USB stick and my God Rods CD, I've lots of month and no money, my kids are over-tired, my house is a mess and I'm missing yet another friend whose job has taken her onto pastures new.

Looking forward to Sunday though we pledge together as a church family to love and impact our city in any way we can. I asked the leadership team if the children could do this too standing with their families, because, well, they're part of this too and the kids I work with are ready and willing to take that on at their own level, both on their own in their sphere of influence (school/pals) and with their families at the street or household level. So I've re-written the "adult" pledge in bigger print, shorter sentences and with very slight word changes.

I've got a heavy term at college, looking at The Reformation (which I think I will actually enjoy) and my last ever children's ministry class as well as working on my placement with my current employer. Only one year to go though. I tell you - there's gonna be a party!


  1. Very pleased to hear about the children's participation in the aforementioned pledge! Our children are, sadly, not included in similar things and don't get the chance to grow with the church as opposed to seperatly. (This being my humble opinion only!)

  2. thanks for your comment amie.

    hope all is well with you

  3. Things here are ok thanks. Sadly we had the funeral of an inspirational 16 year old girl from our church the other day. =(

    I believe you had lunch with my friend Margaret the other week? I didn't know until afterwards or I would have asked her to passed on a 'hi from Amie' =)


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