Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More poo

After a mammoth weekend of organisation, prayer, hosting and interacting with people, I am spending my second night wrapped in a blanket. I am feeling ever-so-slightly peopled-out. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?

I was at a denominational meeting today where I didn't really know anybody. I brought Hay and Nye's Spirit of the Child book so I could catch up on some college reading in the break. I paid close attention to the numerous issues that were being discussed and I thought I asked meaningful and pertinent questions although I am coming to the conclusion that:
(a) at these meetings where no-one really knows me and I don't really know anyone except to smile at, I can never stay silent; try though I might.
(b) I am the youngest by about 20 years representing my denomination and that's not good cos I'm not young. I think I was the only woman not wearing support tights.
(c) I worry far too much about what people think when I speak. I need to know the Father's ultimate and unending love and acceptance for me, me, me just as I am and not for anything that I do.

Had a lovely time over lunch with a fellow female blogger yesterday. It was the first time we had ever met and obviously it is always risky taking one's preschooler to such social events. Thought it was going really well with my son (who I do love so, so much); he of the headstrong behavioural tendencies; when he announced at the table as we ate lunch in a very LOUD voice in an airy museum cafe: "Oooooooh I think some poo is coming out!"

Thanks, M, for staying on!


  1. At your mysterious denominational meeting was 'Trident' mentioned?

    Need to know before I put fingers to key board.

    Glad that you are using the word poo now.

  2. Did you think I was too rude when I used cr*p? ::::dismay::::I am honestly a polite person. I used poo as I was quoting my son verbatim.

    Yes, it was. I stuck my head above the parapet and used the word "abhorrent" which got me a few looks (woops). Guess my views are now in the public domain.

    You may know that we are not making a denominational statement against Trident but researching the argument on both sides and allowing individuals to draw their own conclusions.

  3. Correction:
    I am the youngest woman by about 20 years.

    There were a couple of younger men.

  4. Correction #2.

    And there's nothing wrong with support tights.
    Some nurses wear them.
    So do some hairdressers.
    It has nothing to do with age whatsoever and all to do with standing with for long periods.

  5. Anonymous3:24 PM

    How will individuals be told about the research and that we've to draw our own conclusions and why was this what was decided to be the denominational approach and what can an individual of the said denomination do about this denominational decision if they want to find out more about it or challenge it as a decision?????

  6. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Your wee boy was lovely and we had a very intellectual discussion about the Sphyinx and its use. You also forgot to tell people how quietly he sat for the whole time we were in the place (except for the aforementioned incident). It does strike me that this statement was preferable to not saying about it and letting nature take its course!!!!
    PS I'm posting as anonymous cos I've had problems doing it any other way....know any 4 year olds that can help me?????

  7. thanks for yor kind comments!

  8. Lynn - tell me more about the Trident thing please. Was it actually mentioned or was a statement made. I feel something of my annoyance here rising (not at you).

    Once at a Church not far from your own in the middle of what I thought was a very good talk to a Youth Club I used the word crap and got into a lot of trouble.

  9. My SP used the word "git" once in a sermon and a visiting preacher quoted Alf Garnett and used the word "bl**dy"; both slightly controversial moments - not for me as in the context of what was being said the words made perfect sense.

    If colloquial and minorly impolite words are used with an appropriate audience (and that's key) I don't see a problem if it's contextually appropriate to the message being communicated; Jesus didn't mince his words to the Pharisees and I gather he would have used the equivalent to our stronger poo word.

    It's sad if the impact of the message to a contextually different group (youth) was forgotten just because the preacher/teacher used the word "cr*p". That's my view anyway!


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