Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You're very tense!

You may have noticed that there has been a large gap between postings due, in the main, to PAIN in the mouth department. Also due to a trip to London and some preparations for a formal ministry application.

Mouth pain first of all - mainly because there's nothing else quite like it.

I went to get a failed root canalled tooth out (now there's a lesson in itself) three Wednesdays ago and after much pulling and tugging it wouldn't come out.

After dentist number 1, enter dentist number 2; the Senior; again even more traumatic pulling and tugging with pliers and instruments of torture. But then he too admitted defeat.

Due to this traumatic experience, my gum got infected and I had to have two courses of antibiotics - my gum felt it was on fire underneath the partly embedded tooth. I was at work but so miserable, definitely not working at full capacity and crunching ibuprofen and paracetamol every three hours in rotation.

My colleagues were fed up of my slightly swollen and not as smiley face probably. Because we work open-plan and 16 people are going in and out every day, the next person in the door would say "how's your tooth?". I'm sure the Executive Pastor was grimacing at the top of the office whilst gently passing a sterilised Swiss army knife and a pair of pliers from his left hand to his right, and back again.....

Anyway, I was quickly referred to an oral surgeon who, one week later, removed offending tooth and some bone. As he came towards me yielding a scalpel he said to me, somewhat disapprovingly: "you're very tense!" After stitching what felt like the whole of my face, he discussed pain relief options with me. I must admit I didn't listen too well as I thought nothing could be that bad now that the abscess/infection and tooth has been removed. But, boy did I need it........when the anaesthetic wore off I was in AGONY. It was far worse than childbirth as it was throbbing pain, hamster cheeks and lasted four days.

Last Sunday I went to Boots at St Pancras Station in London to plead for codeine. Computer said "No". During all the lovely things we did in London, like queuing in a slow-moving mass of Italian visitors to walk three paces at a time in the British Museum, I was continually checking the watch to see how long till the next painkiller.

However, that part is now over and past and I am grateful to God for the skill of doctors and dentists. And loving friends and family who have taken care of loads of needs in those past two weeks!

Last Friday - another nerve-wracking event - as we both attended a psychological/psychiatric/counselling assessment for my formal ministry application. I was very nervous about this but didn't need to be. The team assessing us were warm, friendly, affirming and encouraging. Not sure about the next few steps...the assessed preach.....and then the "appearing before the Board". Feel very nervous.


  1. awww man. Poor you Lynn. Glad it's all over, and very exciting about the ministry stuff!!

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    hey lynn... whats your formal ministry application? a baptist minister?

    glad your tooth is getting better... toothache is the WORST. xx

    han x

  3. Why wouldn't they sell you codeine? It's licensed for over the counter use in things like Paracodol, and Dihydrocodeine in Paramol? strange!

    Being tense seems entirely sensible to me, with a whole squad of medics wrenching at your inflamed jaw!

    Glad you're not in pain anymore!

  4. @koala, thanks for sympathy. Trying not to overthink the ministry stuff as it doesn't change me or what I do at the moment. Might open doors for the future though.

    @han, yes, but see above. And nothing is definite; criteria are very rigorous and I am assuminig nothing is certain as it is a pretty daunting process for me at this particular moment in time. I won't be saying much more till the next two stages are over.

    @ THM, I was asking for 500mg minimum, believe me I begged a surly London pharmacist, all I was allowed was paracetomol with micro-scraps of codeine added in it. Sucked stronger lollies in Glasgow.....

  5. brethren dinosaur6:44 PM

    'formal ministry' is not persuasively biblical. we don't need the extra-biblical offices, awards, gongs and approval of men - if we have the calling of god. there is no difference between clergy and laity - everyone born of god is 'ordained'. away with with these contrivances!

  6. hi brethren dinosaur. thanks so much for your comment as you are absolutely spot on in that all that matters is the calling and approval of God. Your words speak deeply to me about something I try to walk every day and which has come to the surface. The process I am following in no way changes anything about me, what I do or the way I do it.

    I love that different denominational views are all different expressions of the one church, all wrapped up in the glorious love of God for us. As one person I admire very much says: concentrate on that which unites, not that which divides :-)

  7. Hazel5:49 PM

    You will see I have been having a bit of a catch up. This is one case where I can truly say "I feel your pain" - I too have had chipmunk face and failed root treatment - 18 months ago - stuff has settled down, haven't had to have it pulled out yet. Oh the joys of getting older. Hope you are feeling better.


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