Thursday, September 21, 2006


Found out today that I passed an exam question (doing an exegesis) - in the marker's words "only just".

The lecturer made a very kind offer of teaching me how to do an exegesis properly, instead of my puny self-taught effort.

Now I know a number of learned academic minds read this blog - what do you think?
Do I have it in me to exegetise well?
Am I an exegetiter?
Is exegetisising a very important skill?
(Am I now making up nonsense words?)

Did you know that an anagram of "exegesis is fun" is "seeing fixes us"?

Amen to that!


  1. I asked
    "Do I have it in me to exegetise well?"

    Stuart, I'll take your comment as a "no"


  2. hippocritic2:04 PM

    "Exegetise"? Is that even a word?

  3. Okay, okay -

    I think that the questions are: -

    'Do I have it in me to exegete well?'
    'Am I an exegete?'
    'Is exegeting (or exegesis)a very important skill?'

    To the first three questions the answer is 'yes' (I think but how would I know - will set a question if you want) and to your last question Am I now making up nonsense words - the answer is also 'yes'.

    There that is the answer from the lecturer (module co-ordinator - sorry) in me.

    But still hah! hah! hah!


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