Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More notches on the theological bedpost....

Two more assignments done; that's two more courses completed. I was fairly pleased with the results; they were on the Good to Average sliding scale of the CAS (common assessment scale). I'm never going to set the theological world aflame with my academic ability as I balance studies with everything else in my life. Seems like my high marks remain in the realm of Old Testament Studies and just perhaps in my practical placement - my supervisor was very kind in his halfway assessment :-)

I pick up another two courses mid April, one NT (Paul's epistles) and the final OT theology course. But before the middle of May I have 8000 words to write reflecting on my current pastoral initiatives taken with families and the pastoral care of new Christians, adults and children, within an intergenerational context; reflecting on this theologically and also demonstrating critical awareness of wider issues within my work context. Just a little task then.

Need to dig out my Ralph Neighbour cell stuff from a few years back......and take lots of reading to Spring Harvest. I'm working with 5s to 7s during the day again and I usually manage to get some reading done at night time.


  1. Well done with the studies and assignments. You deserve a medal!

    Is the whole family going to Spring Harvest? My kids would love to be going but can't afford it again this year. Hope you have an awesome time. L x

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for your encouraging comments!

    We are all going. Hubby involved in worship.
    Highlight of J's year is "Bob The Builder Land".

    Wonder where that fits into eschatology!

  3. I admire you - I am useless at the discipline of distance learning! (I assume that's how you are doing it?) I studied theology at a theological college...I'm not sure I could have managed on my own! Still, it sounds like you have a nice supervisor.

    Yes, I'm back - you've succeeded in drawing me in. (This where you do an evil laugh of triumph!)

  4. ah bless you Lucy and thanks for coming back. I will probably add you to my sidebar now as I've got a wee post-it note to remember and add Amie on as well (blog housekeeping and me are not good companions)

    I actually attend college kind of on a "day release" basis; it wasn't actually a condition of my job but I am thoroughly glad I did it all those years ago. Its the long and expensive way to a degree but I was able to leapfrog first year (retrospectively, as they had let me do most of second year by that point!) by working over the summer and then submitting 4 written assignments and sitting three exams in Sept 2006.

    Flexible learning - love it!

  5. I'm on a post-it? I'm so touched... *blushes*

    Sounds like you've been busy busy! At my ICC interview they warned that a lot of studying and writing would be required and I thought 'Yup...sounds about right!' Well done to you thoug - as Lucy says it requires a lot of discipline, something I severely lack.


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