Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ten Things I Love Beginning with "M"

Over at Get Out of Jail Free, Annedroid assigned me the letter "M" to particpate in a meme that looks fun. I am going to attempt to blog about Ten Things I Love beginning with "M"......

1. Is My Mum. She's patient, tolerant, totally dependable (if I needed her for anything, even though I am now not a wee girl, she would come) and I do love her to bits (though she does talk about the weather a lot when I phone her, which drives me daft) I wonder if that'll be me in 25 years time....
hello Lynn, my washing's drying awfae well in the sun, stiff breeze are you? how are the kids? My word, it was cold last night. Did you feel the chill in the air when you went out first thing? Ah, you got a new car? They say it's going to rain later on.....

2. Mountains
Here's a picture of one of my favourites - Buachaille Etive Mhor. The picture is(c) to John Arthey images - thanks for the permission!

I walk round them rather than up them (shall leave that to Mr Smelly Socks and Gaiters, aka That Hideous Man) and this is in part due to my previous life as a full time Geography teacher. Once a field-sketcher, always a field-sketcher. The topography of our mountains is fascinating. The results of ice action and subsequent weathering over the last 10,000years has left us magnificent mountains. Dream on, oh great Alps, stand and shiver, Himalayas. We may be pint sized but our mountains are magic! A dream day out for me is paddling my feet in a plunge pool at the foot of a Scottish mountain. I have spent many happy hours in Glen Etive.....gazing wistfully....time to move on.

3. I love Maltesers. Quite simply - mmmmm. Eat one whilst having a hot cup of tea. Melts in the mouth.

4. I love melon. It has to be my most favourite fruit. You eat it and afterwards it feels like you have had a good drink. And all children, everywhere, eat it. Unless they are allergic to it.

5. I really like Meeting People (had I typed Meeting Men I'd have been in deep trouble. I actually wanted to make "Men" one of the ten things but I'd spend months protesting my innocence). I just love how different we all are; how no two human beings are exactly the same but how enjoyable it is to spend time with other human beings, talking, laughing, drinking coffee or wine, sharing food, watching Jack Bauer on 24 :::smile:::: I love how God made us for interaction. I love how part of the pleasure of having friends is finding out what makes each other tick and creating and sharing common experiences to make that grow.

6. I absolutely LOVE Me-time, which seems to come in complete contrast to number 5 above. When I am not at work I am cooking or washing or cleaning, OK, scrub that one, I don't really clean (dust!! bleughh) but I do tidy up, or going over homework or repacking school bags or sorting out bills. I have a very lovely husband who dusts and does the bathroom and supports me in indescribable ways (we make a good team) and allows me Me-time occasionally: to go for a facial (clearly its time for another: I got a very large spot last week) or to lie in a little bit on a Saturday or to read a Heat magazine. Love people, also love little bits of Me-time.

7. I love Miracles. I long for miracles. I've been privileged to see miracles. The most recent is a friend who has seen three tumours disappear and this has been medically substantiated. A terminal diagnosis has been reversed by her consultant. Stories like this make me long to see more - I struggle with the "now" and "not yet" of the kingdom of God but every bit of me is crying out for more of the things that Jesus did. Another miracle that I see often is a transformed life; a new sense of purpose, a walk with Jesus when before there was a life lived alone.
Want to recommend a book at this point: Heidi Baker's The Hungry Always Get Fed: A Year of Miracles

8. I love two more M's. For reasons of confidentiality I can't use their names. They are two whole sets of families in two different cities who love my family unreservedly and we love them back, every one of them i.e. not just the mum and dad. They are incredibly important to us and actually, I don't know where we would be right now without their love and support. I hasten to add that we have many families and couples who offer us such love and support; we are deepy blessed with very good friends in a number of places round the country, but this post happens to select some letter Ms....

9. I love Magazines. The more pictures the better.
I think this is because I often engage with heavy-duty reading, I like to switch off with something that doesn't smell musty, have small print and comes with a burgundy hard cover. Regular readers of my blog will know I love Heat. And I don't buy it every week!! Only about once a month (the content doesn't change that much. X Factor, Allan Carr, Russell Brand and Kate Moss just about covers it). I've had to watch where I put Cosmo (which I only get occasionally) as my 8 year old daughter asked her father last week about the lady who slept with 54 men, wasn't she awfully tired?


  1. Anonymous11:03 PM

    I like this post.

    You know tons of people find my blog by searching for 'maltesers' on google?!

  2. thanks koala. It's one of those "find-a-bit-out-about-people" posts, isn't it?

  3. This post appeared on my blog-roll links and then dissappeared again??? Did you delete it and try again?

    I'd love to be up the mountains again... alal, alack, too many children, too many commitments, not enough time!

  4. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Yep...if you give me a letter, I could do a similar one (although please don't give me like X or something..!)

  5. Hi Mr Hideous,
    No, didn't delete it, but was re-working it to add number 9 and the photo of B E Mhor, so it must be "unavailable" when it's being worked on (I had saved it as draft)

    Hope this helps...nothing fundamentally changed except some extra text and a new photo.

  6. Koala - I give you the letter "D"

    but I found ten things hard so I stopped at nine or else I would have completely lied.


    Look forward to reading it!

  7. Well done Lynn. Since you work with children I hope you love "minors" or "munchkins" too!


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