Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Gadget

I've just added a new gadget to this blog - blog followers.
(see very bottom of the page - you gotta scroll right down there \/)4
I've just discovered there is a benefit to doing this; like an RSS feed; on your blogger homepage all the updates to the blogs you're following are shown in the one place.

I know there are people who follow this blog - I see your locations, Mr/Ms Milton Keynes, Ms/Mr Fauldhouse, Ms/Mr Perth, Mr/Ms Bayern, Leeds, London, Livingston.....

At the very least, please do consider leaving a comment on Blog Comment Day, Wednesday 3 December....
Would be great to welcome a few more regulars onboard.


  1. Welcome David! (I restrained myself from saying G'Day!)

    Check out David's blog, KidInspiration (see Followers at the very foot of the page)
    Hope you can leave a comment on blog comment day :-)

  2. hey Amie, Vicky, Lucy - thanks for becoming a blog follower!


  3. ooh! ooh! follow me too!! ;) I don't think I'll be able to get online much on Wednesday - otherwise I'd have joined in with gusto! Perhaps I will have my own personal version (!)

  4. You're welcome! Sorry, I've been lurking a bit recently. I'll try & put that right on Wednesday though!

  5. Thanks for following the blog, Doonhamer Geordie.
    Hope things are going well down your way....

  6. Ive been lurking a bit to but thought I should join in with the spirit of things and say Hi

  7. Hi there! thanks for saying hello and de-lurking.....and for reading my random rants for a wee while :-)


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