Friday, January 16, 2009

Fried Laptop

My laptop, my primary means of communication died today. Our lovely shiny "go faster" PC remains in our second home [status:empty but longing for happy inhabitants], so I am somewhat computer-less.

A Specialist in a Black Suit from the church's IT support company came to take it away, saying that it was.... "making clunking noises, which isn't good."

You don't say.

Clunking noises!?! CLUNKING NOISES? What do we pay this company for?
Certainly not for up to the minute technical diagnoses - I could have got a better description from my techy friend TalkRhubarb!

Why did the hard drive fry?

Some suggestions:
* the singing pastor sang over it?
* it realised how much a children and family pastor has to do and gave up trying to process all the computery demands?
* it doesn't like January either?
* it REALLY didn't like the database management training it was put through this week?
* it doesn't like being carried about from church service to church service (we operate two buildings that I dash between)
* it dealt with one media file to many? (c'mon though: Millenials are the visual generation!)
* it suffered from Mac-envy and realised it could never compete?
* my little friend with the fart machine got his hands on it? (see last post!)

Any other suggestions?


  1. The puking wiseman didn't go near it did he?

    I'd think maybe it got fried by databasing...and mac envy...

  2. maybe one of the kids vomited in it. my niece did that in my brother's video machine. it bust it. seriously.

    I can lend you "average christian guy" if you need him next week to do better than your tech support!

    If you think it was 2 buildings that killed it, wait until it's a multi-site thing...

  3. I hope it's not actually your laptop in that photo. Otherwise I would certainly be saying there are some things for which you shouldn't use laptops. Anything with literal high impact would be one of them. :)

  4. LOL guys - vomit, as far as I know, didn't get near the motherboard.

    I dissed databases this week and I am afraid I may have hacked off "average Christian guy".

    Multi-site - eek!

    (would really love to visit Craig Groeschels's place though)

  5. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Well you just never know when you work with children.

    One did puke on your folder, and my godson likes to puke on me as a sign of affection which I sincerely hope he grows out of soon...

    Duncan, how did your niece manage to puke IN the video machine. Actually, perhaps I don't want to know.


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