Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Missing Link

I haven't posted for a wee while. Been busy, as they say.

This past week, I took part in an International Leaders School of Ministry (ILSOM) with John and Carol Arnott and Alyn and AJ Jones. I've been wanting to go on this school for a number of years. Over the past couple of years they have been held in Lytham St Annes, Chorleywood and Sunderland - but these were all quite far away for me to go to (given childcare constraints)

It's been great for quite anumber of us who work together/alongside one another on staff or eldership to go and be in this atmosphere, dealing with "our stuff" together. Aside from the corporate dimension, for me personally it's been great to re-connect with values that have been incredibly significant for me over the last fifteen years or so - ok, ok, I did get to a conference in TACF not that long ago!) I was pretty broken on Tuesday too, realising how much I operate out of the desire for justice and not grace. Not pretty. To say nothing of a fair number of UGBs....further action required this week.

I had been part-way in organising a second Families conference, following on from this one, when God moved us and now so many things are now coming to my mind for the future as the testimonies from that conference live with me in a bulky folder full of individual written recollections.

Lots of thoughts and dreams have started to re-occur and now I need some time to process and to get writing!


  1. Dave who left a comment - please can you repost it as I went to publish it, something weird happened and it was lost and I can't remember exactly what you asked me for!

    thanks :-)

  2. What a week its been! The good news about being broken is that God always finishes what he starts & puts us back together again better & stronger!
    Praying for your hopes & dreams and those of your church to come to fruition

  3. Oh GG - so much for the future, so unsure who to go to with it! And is it all in my imagination or shall I just fly with the dreams? I see a nation on the cusp of something incredibly huge!

  4. Just wanted to know what you did at the family conferences and how it was received - was it just for church families or community families

  5. Hi Dave

    thanks for visiting and posting your comment again.

    The family conference was for Christians who wanted to deepen their relationship with God further as families - therefore, if I can explain, the teaching was to EVERYONE aged 5 and upwards - so it was shorter, visual and interactive.

    The topics covered were: honouring parents, forgiveness, listening to God, the Father's blessing and witnessing as a faily (by the way we live our lives).


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