Saturday, September 23, 2006

Holiday Weekend

Spent the first part of the school holiday weekend rewriting an essay on the history of Christianity up to 260AD.

I found having to rejig parts of this incredibly frustrating. Despite my flippancy (sometimes) about academic work, I do try very hard at it (that was my school report for 12 years: "Lynn tries hard") and I was disappointed about having to do it again. Good for the pride, though!

My poor husband and kids had to content themselves with playing around in the beautiful sunshine while I got "Eusebius" out again. Oh, and RL Fox too :-)

I think I've got it right this time. I painted too broad a sweep around Polycarp's life, historically speaking, instead of setting his martyrdom in its IMMEDIATE historical context. Hope this gets me through. A few days ago I posted that I scraped a pass through New Testament studies. Found out on Friday that I have passed the Old Testament (yaa-hayy!) which I actually found harder......but it was FASCINATING; really got into it.

Despite last week being quite tough in many ways, I've been resting in a sense of immense gratitude for everything God has done for me in my life. I've been feeling this way since about June. A feeling that I am totally and utterly in the palm of his hand and always have been. I have an immense longing for the rest of my family (parents, sister and brother) to know this too :::sigh:::

This blog is meant to be about me working with kids; but it seems to be about everything that affects me in the way I work with kids - I just can't partition my life into little boxes - the parts affect the whole :-)

Tomorrow is part 1 of my son's 4th birthday celebrations - all parents and inlaws and nieces and nephews - draining but fun!

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