Sunday, October 22, 2006

Down in the jungle...

Work today was like being in the Amazon. Average temperatures of (what felt like) 90 degrees, humidity 98%.

And all because of two thermostat-less radiators - so hot they could hardly be touched- in a small room with twenty 4-5 year olds (my own striptease loving son one of them). Hats off the the group leader who had them dancing, drawing, playing blind man's buff, shooting hoops (is that what it's called?) and doing a "Rolf Harris" to tell a Bible story with a thick marker pen and flipchart paper. What a talented guy. I stand and marvel. Yet again I feel so privileged to be in my job. I miss my old job so much sometimes as I have gone on about before in this blog, and at other times I don't at all. I can't deny that God has called me to be where I am.

A quick shufty-round the other groups found hot toddlers throwing mega bloks in frustration. Owch.
Oooops, time to call maintenance in to deal with the radiators. Why oh why in church buildings is it either freezing or boiling? Answers from the QSs who read this on a postcard, please!

I'm not feeling so well today - very unlike me - so off to sleep now.
(It's probably due to the diurnal temperature range!)

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  1. in many church buildings the problem of freezing or boiling is normally a result of lack of use. Given it's hard to get space in our place because it's used so much this does not apply to us. My guess is that there are too many people who know how to or feel it's their place to mess with the heating system. So one person turns it down, another turns it up etc. That's one reason why some of the rads have the thermostats missing!

    Hope your feeling better.


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