Saturday, September 16, 2006

Absence makes the heart grow fonder???

Apologies for my absence, as all those who know me will be fed up hearing:I had two exams to sit and three assignments to hand in so that I can leap-frog over First Year of Bible college, straight into Second (deep joy).

I know lots of people who had done this very same thing and they all said: "it's not too bad; just get your head down for a few weeks and you'll get all the reading covered and you can just blast through the assignments"....

HA - those guys who said that to me obviously DON'T HAVE CHILDREN (well, one of them does now - welcome to the land of cold coffee, Steve!)

Snatch an hour or two here and there between work, school pick ups, nursery times, general household "stuff" and genuine conversational time with other members of the human race; some of whom live with me; has meant that it's been a long, hard slog and would not have been possible without my sponsors in terms of books and childcare - Scott, Susan, Jurgen, Pete F and Chris R take a bow. Oh and everyone else - bless you for bearing with me and loving me still!

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