Thursday, January 07, 2010

Days off

I'm taking some days off over the next few weeks. I led, planned or talked (or all three) at services on 20 Dec, 24 Dec, 25 Dec and 3 Jan. Any service with children involved results in loads of rehearsals and liasing with parents.

I also had two separate social events for children and their families (but the ten pin bowling was great fun. How hard it is to bowl very badly so that the children win )

But I love spending time with people and in the weeks before Christmas and as the New Year turned I've been spending time talking and praying with young parents and some families who need some encouragement and support. I'm actually bursting for Sunday to come to plunge into worship with the children and to meet with the discipleship group the week after. They are just so amazing.

I've received some discouragement too. It's always the lot of a church leader/staff member but doesn't always make it esaier to deal with.
**** POST SCRIPT - I love how much God knows us and loves us. I received the most amazing long letter when I came home tonight with encouragement all through it from a church member. I love how Father knows how much we can bear; how he sees our sorrow/tears/whatever emotion - and holds out his hands to us. He's Daddy.

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