Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bit of Fun

I have put together two all age service on Sunday, the topic of which I cannot reveal here. In one of them a 1981 Graham Kendrick song will be used. Can you guess which one?

At the last count I had 38 social networking comments suggesting which one and at least two disturbed worship leaders aghast at the depth and breadth of Kendrick comments!

Suggestions/answers in the comments section, please :-)
What song could this children and families pastor be using for all age services THIS week?


  1. Darn. Where is that 'FLY' flyer when I need it!

    I'm still going to go with 'Father God' but also thinking maybe 'The King Among Us' .

  2. awesome, I look forward to church on Sunday - is the Graham Kendrick song only appearing at one service?? Fingers crossed it's the service I go to :-)

  3. You might be singing it :-)

  4. (that comment was to Ruthy!!!!!)

    Giving nothing away!


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