Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Harvest

I have been working at Spring Harvest for some years. For two years I worked with 8s to 11s and this will be by fourth or fifth year working with 5s to 7s with Powerpack. It's an interesting and varied job and not a walkover - my whole family shares in this role and we come home shattered at the end of the week! But I always learn so much from my good friends Kath and Nick, Heather and Chris. Between them they have decades of experience in working with children and their families. They teach and model amazing truth in age specific ways and have real skill in working with children with Additional Support Needs.

This is the kind of week where I can sit at the feet of those who are fantastic at nitty gritty kids stuff; I can help with the pastoral and the theological but love to watch others in the areas I am weak at. I love to watch the sheer genius of the Powerpack guys who can hold the attention of 300 - 400 kids using such carefully crafted ways of responding to God.

Looking forward to it although in the afternoons I have a number of email-able work projects to finish and I have to write ten precis of books that have influenced me greatly.....erk. I know they have impacted me greatly but if I am going to be asked to describe the impact this, I need to organise my thoughts a little.

It's been a busy day, was at church from 9.30am onwards with a few hours at home this afternoon then home at 9 tonight. We have read, prayed, sang many songs, danced, watched, listened, baptised, been anointed with oil and received. I have had to stand in absolute awe at the incisive preaching by the SP. Challenging stuff with a huge response tonight. It was a privilege to watch people be prayed for all over the place. Dear God, continue to speak to hearts following tonight's awesome celebration of the resurrection. Today I've been reflective, awestruck, celebratory, broken (and more)... too many emotions in one day!

Second week of the Easter holidays I have some routine (!) interviews to prepare for and then we're around and about while I have five or six days off (a weekend AND a holiday Monday)

For the first time in twenty months we are visiting our previous church (April 18th): think this might feel not a little weird.

Will post a few updates from Skegness.

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