Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unhappy Hipsters

Am loving this photograph.

The theme of the blog Unhappy Hipsters is "it's lonely in the modern world".
I'm not doing any theological reflection - just giggling!

I think Bad Vestments still ranks first for sheer hilarity courtesy of the caption writer(s)but this is coming a close second.

HT to Lincoln for this.


  1. ooh - nice redesign!

    Some of the blue text is hard to read on the dark background though..

  2. I know, I didnt like it and tried to fix it but ended up faffing around too much with palettes I didn't understand. Changed completely, think this might be better.

    Can't get my old format back.

    Bloomin' Blogspot <--- cantankerous old woman who doesn't like change


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