Friday, November 03, 2006

The assault on our children........

No, this post isn't about my parenting reaction to my Boundary Pushing (but oh so gorgeous) little 4 year old at a 2 hour musical Luv Esther tonight. (He was great, watched wide eyed and open mouthed with his big sister at the rapping, dancing, visuals etc)

Hitting hard throughout this musical of the life of Esther is the prophetic call to be one who will approach The King at "such a time as this". The perfprmance weaves together so movingly news footage of the state of the nations, courtesy of ITN news. Luv esther's cast and crew also celebrate the life of a young girl who died of aids aged 10 with a beautiful song "to Juliette".

This broke me completely and I wept and wept at the footage of Juliette herself and other Aids orphans. I did some reading on this topic last year for a research project and it was all coming back. God was moving it from head to heart. Isn't that what he wants for all of my reading, research, thoughts and dreams.......?

It made me think again about the assault on the world's children:-
* There was a persecution against children at the time of Moses birth.
* There was a persecution against children right after Jesus birth.
* It has been stated that one third of all children die before they are born - aborted - a persecution pre-birth?
* And the innocent affected by AIDS - orphaned and/or infected themselves - again, children.
"12 million African children have already lost one or both parents to AIDS, and unless we take serious action now, there will be more than 20 million AIDS orphans by the end of the decade. Millions of children will have lost not only their parents, but their teachers, nurses and friends too. Businesses are losing their workers, governments are losing their civil servants, families are losing their breadwinners. As a result, entire communities are devastated and economies that are already crippled by poverty, debts and unfair trade policies are further compromised. "
(ngm website, from

If you pray, please pray tonight for children in this world - valuable, precious, desired and highly esteemed by God. Each one of them IS known by him. In my sadness tonight I felt the Holy Spirit reinforce that simple (and oft-used) statement to my heart; saying "it is true, Lynn. I know each one".

Oh, that their suffering would end. Hear our cry Lord.

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