Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cry of an orphan

You may have read my post "for the love of Juliet" on 4 or 5 November .
On a similar theme, the AIDS crisis, I have been very moved by this poem.

Cry of an orphan

Our beloved deceased parents
Your absence means a lot
You left our hearts torn apart
You left us so prematurely
Mum and Dad
Where did you come from Mr Aids?
Was it from the hills or the forests?
Who gave you permission to invade our earth?
Mr Aids, you truly are very cruel!
You took Mum and Dad
Life is too hard for me Mum
Sleeping on an empty stomach
Moving naked, without wearing rags
Eating what dogs eat.
Oh! Mum and Dad where are you?
I remember those sweet days of ours
When you used to call me Junior
I used to enjoy life
Now life is hard
If I request something to eat, something to put on, or school fees
Some say "sitinaphe makolo ako ndife" which means "we did not kill your parents"
oh! Mum and Dad I cry
We are now called orphans
I wish you come back one day
To hold me again... ........

Jeremiah Jere, Muselama Primary School, Chitipa, Malawi


  1. This is just so moving, I can hardly read it.
    I've just done a letter to my MP to get international trade rules amended to make affordable anti-retrovirals widely available. It can be done - in fact it's a G* promise, so we need to keep on pushing. There's a sample letter at if you want to send one.

  2. Sorry, I meant G8, not G* - too much shift-ing!


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