Saturday, May 26, 2007

Great news! There's a party a-comin'....

June is my absolute busiest month in my job and if I think about it for too long I will start to get anxious (one day at a time thoughts work best with me)...
However I got the best news on Friday, after spending an hour with my mentor at college. I am part-way through a BA in Theology and expected I had years still to go......however, I only have two years to go!!! (I only started in 2005, mind you!)

4 classes next year plus an independent study module, then write up reflections on my job next summer(as my "placement") means I will be in the third and final year in 2008/09! And I have already completed two of the Level 3 Children's Ministry modules so I should manage that year in one go whilst still working part-time.

I am so chuffed. I thought I had ages to go. There is going to be the BIGGEST party when I graduate - so keep Saturdays free in July 2009!


  1. Not meaning to boast (well maybe a bit!!), but having just finished college, I am just away to reorganise my library.
    If you know any of the courses, you are going to do, I'll see if there's any books which may be relevant.
    All the best for the remainder of the course!!

  2. thank you, BWLB.
    Also for your kind offer of books....I guess the only areas where we may cross over are in the pure OT and NT courses, otherwise my courses are majorly the practical theology of working with children.

  3. Am keen to try and read some Moltmann.....

  4. Have got Trinity & the Kingdom of God and also The Church & the power of the Spirit - you can have them both. Will pass them over at the next emerging meeting which will hopefully be towards the end of the summer.

    PS - If it's ok, I'm going to stick your blog onto my list of links on my site.

    God bless, Mark

  5. Mark, thank you! Will gladly accept any reading that isn't in glossy celebrity magazine form (ask Stuart or Brodie about that)

    Of course you can add me to your list of blogs; I will do likewise. I've also tagged you (see today's entry) - Brodie has tagged everyone else I know in the blogging world.


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