Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good day

Today I took part in probably the best team meeting in the world - ever (to me, anyway).
We had time to sit and discuss my new favourite theological subject - children and God - for an hour, listening to each other, discussing scriptural interpretations, highlighting our particular thoughts in the light of our denominational context and it was very helpful, and enjoyable, and encouraging.

Imagine if I had said "let's team hug!" at the end. Ahhh, who ever let women go on pastoral teams? ::::::::::chortle:::::::::

Have enjoyed a long, child-free wander round my local supermarket tonight too. I actually find that very therapeutic, even if I had gone solely to buy 32 boxes of Quality Street and 6 bubble machines (don't ask).

Another favourite thing of mine happened today - going to vote.
I love the sense of responsibility, the busyness of the polling station, the sense of anticipation, the canvassers at the door and the sense of satisfaction when you leave the polling station - I've played my part in a democracy! Plus it was a beautiful evening to walk through the park to the polling station.

I voted for the person who I felt had the most integrity; whom I felt I could talk to about matters that concern me. It's going to be interesting to watch the results - only 800 odd votes separated the SNP and Labour in the last Scottish election in my constituency.

So I am up to the wee sma' hours tonight and then a long lie tomorrow (kids away to grandma's!!)

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