Friday, September 14, 2007

The Miing Letter

Dear Reader

You may come here for deep theology (not); or for the cutting edge review of children' minitry literature (ahem); or for torie from my own enthralling life; more likely for the hambolic writing tyle of thi blog but never before have you come to thi blog TO HELP ME FIND A MIING LETTER!

My heart i inking becaue I have had thi laptop ince I tarted the my job almot 4 year ago. I have been kinda hinting for a while to the office manager that it' beginning to have thing go wrong with it - cracked cae etc, wonky key etc

But now one of the letter ha gone AWOL!

You can ee the ign that thi wa about to happen in the lat line of the previou pot.

Can I maintain a eriou witne to the profeional agencie I omtime write to when I have to type like thi?

Or do I hammer the keyboard very very hard to ee if the miing letter make a faint appearance?

One thing I know - it' driving me abolutely pitting mad. I'm getting frutrated. I'm eriou.

Even wore - am I going to have to go through a committee to get a new laptop? Pleae NO!


  1. Hilarious and painful all at once!

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    you could have the crypt lap top, all you'd need to do is get a new screen, lol.

  3. thing i, my line manager think I'm joking when I ent him an email about it, but I'm not.

    Am gonna have to viit a pal' houe to put ong on powerpoint for unday morning, then put them on my UB ick and onto the laptop - a if I'm not buy enough....!!

    I might take the Dyon to it and ee if can ook up any dirt from underneath the keypad (I'll probably ook out gigabyte a well though)

  4. Your computer has a lisp. Do you know any speech and language therapists?

    Seriously though - just plug in an external keyboard. Creative will sell you a dinky one that will fit in your laptop bag. Replacing the keyboard will be £50 for a new one, but you might get a cheap second hand one on ebay.

  5. Oh Lynn - don't get it fixed - I loved the challenge of trying to work out what you are saying - and it's the funniest blog I have read in a long time!!

    But if you are really stuck and can't get by, like the good Christian that I am I can give you some of mine!!!


    And some capitals!


    Share and share alike I always say!

  6. ta, Graham.

    Apparently I may be able to fix ot by turning it upide down and bahing it.

    hall try that tomorrow.

  7. Thank, kidinpiration. And welcome to my blog! Do I know you?
    Can I ee your profile?(said the pider to the fly)


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