Friday, June 20, 2008

Location location location

This week has seen the beginng of tying up loose ends. The house went on the market and I had forgotten how stressful it is being tidy. And dust free. Dust came in with The Fall, you know. Loose skin cells, bedbugs, ooze on black clothes, fluff on rugs, soot and pollen were probably not in God's original plan as then my Goodwill antique bedroom furniture would look like the mahogany it is and not covered in a grey-white frosting.

We had some viewers last night. The slow walk-round, the oohs and aahs, the incessant questions (in my head), the need to hide your clothes, paperwork and children. I just want to shout out: "take it! It's yours!"
Gathered with some close friends to pray last night and we realised though, that in four days we got a flat to rent, our children into school and a job for Mr HIWWC, therefore shifting a house is not hard for God to do.

My darling children received their school reports this week. No 1 child had an excellent one. No 2 child, who, if you have followed this blog from the earliest days, will know has a feisty temperament and not an inconsiderable propensity to rebel, also did get a really good report as he has matured considerably since January. His teacher knows him so well - this is very clear in her detailed comments - and she has been absolutely brilliant with him. Miss C - you are a star!

We had to giggle at this comment under Religious and Moral Education: "A has developed a good understanding of religious practice and traditions and speaks enthusiastically about his personal experience of religion" An evangelist at 5 years old :-)

I am leading my last all age service on Sunday morning, where all the children who are moving up groups in August are presented with their Bibles and speaking on the Great Commission, using High School Musical song as the theme "We're all in this together". But then I would never dare to play a clip of a wordly, secular song in church.......


  1. I just hope you've got the copyright to use this 'worldy secular song' in public worship!


  2. ah. THM, the voice of my conscience :-))

    Just as well I would never dare do it then :-))

  3. SusanT10:38 PM

    And the Bibles were very well received!!

    Hope you noticed (though probably not) that while No1 child and No2 child of mine graciously received their Bibles (and DC1 is deep in the Gospel of Mark already!), DC3 had to be surgically removed from the service as she was so upset at not getting one.

    This from the same child who had to be surgically removed from the same service last year because she was so upset at being presented with a bible!!!

    Thanks a lot, it was a good one!

  4. Hi S

    Loved the Indiana Jones hat on DC2.
    And I presume DC1 has established Markan priority then? No room for "Q" in our establishment!!

    Feelin' bad about DC3!!


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