Monday, June 02, 2008

One for the girls....

Just back from Sex and the City movie with one of my girlfriends - what a great feel-good film about forgiveness (yes, really) and immutable friendships. There weren't many men there though!

This is a good week on the social front. Looking forward to it.


  1. Glad you have a nice week to look forward to :) Must be a relief after all that frantic writing!!

    Oh and you'll notice from my blog that I am 'officially' going with World Vision - took them a while but I got a reply eventually!


  2. Hiya Lucy

    great to hear the World Vision news.

    THE COMPETITION!! I forgot to announce the winner!!

    Promise I will do that tomorrow. Got to finish my holiday club publicity tonight. I was working on Saturday and also today so I am sort of behind on lots of things I need to do.

    I know the suspense will be working on you and the other entrants ::::giggle::::::

  3. Not many men there.... you do surprise me!

    Last edition of Private Eye had a cartoon about that:

    Woman: "Please come to see sex and the city with me"

    Man: "I've got a headache"

  4. ::::giggle::::

    Think you might like this film. Take Mrs THM :-)


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