Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm BACK!! Like the Olympic flame I never disappear.
Two weeks away from this blog is enough as now I really do need it for its cathartic value.

I don't know how I survived the emotions of last week. I know a lot of my friends will be reading this and I have to say I have never felt so loved. Two weeks ago we were treated to a leaving party replete with "Farewell" photographic HUGE banner (handy for my next leaving 'do) and squillions of people at it, then the next week on to the business of leading the holiday club with a brilliant, brilliant team supplemented by fab devotional times led by fellow leaders, where we really entered God's presence in the 9-9.30 times. This was exceptionally special in this club, looking at the book of Luke with 110 children, many of whom who had never looked at a Bible before. The programme ran like clockwork, time went by so quickly, the DVD/powerpoint/embedded sound files/drama team/band worked together perfectly and made my job as event leader so easy. I love my deputy leader to bits and am still missing her (((((( V ))))))) A week past Friday the wonderful J and J, ably assisted by another fab team (incl the assoc pastor grilling burgers like nobody's business!) fed 300 people in our bedecked.....errrr, lane..... down the outside of the church, and celebrated the kids week with a homemade DVD of the week and other pictures. I might sneak one on here.

But is this nostalgia, the cloudy fug of good memories speaking? Absolutely not. We had a great week and it was a great way to end 25 years in this church (I really was very young when I came to faith)

The morning service at the end of the holiday club was just a tearfest for us personally as not only did we receive humungous amounts of gifts but after having hands laid upon us and lovingly prayed for, the worship ministry leader snuck round to where Mr HIWWC had been leading worship throughout the service to lead the congregation in one of his songs (currently being recorded on an album). We knelt at the front with tears streaming down our faces. We've never left a church before. I wonder if that is an increasingly rare thing?

And into this week. I hate first days. I remember them all. First day at primary school (I cried), secondary school (I was sick with nerves as I knew no-one), university (was hung over), RBS Bothwell St branch (I trembled), RBS head office marketing dept (I was petrified) , Social Work Department (also petrified), teacher training college (actually, this one was OK), P Secondary School (underconfident and scared), B Secondary school (I cried, it was a compulsory transfer due to a schools merger), last church (nervous and in awe) and now this church on 18 August 2008. On Monday I had to go away for a stiff talk to myself and to God because of "stuff". I know how to deal with it and I'm called to deal with it and get on with why I was called to come here. Oh my, comfort is easier but dealing with this next stage in our life's journey is going to be so good for us.

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  1. Hi Lynn,
    Good to see your update here, now we'll be relying more on internet for your news. I might even revive Guacamole Girl!
    It was really ending on a high note - best hol club ever! Not just in unrivalled slick running, more in seeing God speak to children, parents & team. I hope that's one of the memories you take with you.
    Hope the week is continuing to pan out OK. Looking forward to the induction on Sunday.
    love, V xx
    P.S. the feeling's mutual!!


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